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10/10 game, will absolutely be wasting time playing this game again.

I wn :)

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I made it, despite my empty skull.

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I might have a 100000 year war on my hands.  First the 10000 year war, now it never ends.

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Loved it.  Absolutely loved it.

- .. . -.-.--

I have no idea if this was what I was supposed to do, but it works.

Sorry for replying almost a week later.  What'll happen is I would move my mouse slightly and the screen would spin violently and keep spinning even if the mouse isn't moving.

Love the game, tho.

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In terms of theme and environment, the game is amazing!  Very simple yet it hits close to home.  In terms of mechanics, it gets borderline unplayable at times.  Specifically, the mouse sensitivity.  I can't even get past the ending it's so difficult to deal with. It massively detracts from the experience, at least for me.

Edit: I was writing this in the middle of playing the game, the sensitivity fixed itself once I clicked back in.  I guess it was just a bug. It still kinda sucks, but it's playable.

Edit 2 (within the span of a minute): Forget it, it breaks OFTEN.  I hope you can fix this but until then it's a no for me.

Made it through with everyone alive on my first run!  :)

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You are in the wrong here, but GOD.  DAMN.

Hubert Samson


Got all six endings.  Amazing and funni game!  :)

No problem!  :)

Nice immersion and use of sounds when an interaction is about to happen.  I just would work on the UI and the interactions with objects, as there is no cursor showing you where your pointing, you have to rely on the outlines on objects when they are selected.

My brain hurts ... how?  Please, you made it too smart, I need a square-brain mode.

I like the message, it is unenjoyable because it becomes nearly impossible in the typing section.

I think people forget that you are on  Good game tho

I think I got the secret ending

I like how the game's name means: Disturbance

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Truly a horrible experience. *SPOILERS* It hit me in my feels and in my repressed trauma.  I'm so used to talking about these things with my therapist that I am no longer triggered when this topic pops up.  IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THIS ABILITY, PLEASE, PLEASE CHOOSE ANOTHER GAME. *SPOILERS*



her beauty reminds me of a certain axolotl and I honestly don't know why. 

Touch My Daddy.  No joke

put a plant on the nursery and click to study it, wait and when it is done it will give you the info you need.

that IS where you get the seed codes

Three generations of the same rare 2* cave blossoms, meet from left to right: Diana, Luna, and Lumo!

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It's Connor and Bluebell!  Say hi!

True ending first try