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in the trailer you can see your roads are slightly shiny try reducing the smoothness variable on the material

Cool game could do with AI though

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2/5 very glitchy at times with use of alot of unity standards

Mabey this will help: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/framework/tools/signtool-exe

Created a new topic Bug Report

The Topic to report bugs

This topic if for reporting bugs in Conrad. Your bug needs to have the following criteria:

  • Has to be reproducible (other people have to be able to perform the same actions to have the bug)
  • Has to be something within the game

A comment should look something like this:

Bug found in [game version e.g 0.0.11] [bug details e.g specific item missing texture] [how to reproduce e.g get item and look at it in inventory]
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Conrad is a multiplayer survival game I'm working on were I hope to make it extremely customisable and challenging. I find that with games like rust there comes a point were the game has no more to offer how ether with modding and player creations there is always new content (kinda like minecraft) so I aim to add a versetile and easy to use modding system and player creation system. I also want to have the player be able to be whatever they want tahst why I'm working on a skins system were players can create their own skin. And or share them.

In the mean time you can check out the base game at https://prommergames.itch.io/conrad I release a new update every month.

Cool game!

Its coming in 0.0.10

1st one to make windows 98 pc wins

Best itch.io page I've seen I will try the game soon!

Created a new topic What is Conrad gold?
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What is Conrad Gold?

Conrad Gold is a standalone of Conrad that can be bought for $0.40 / £0.28, Conrad gold gives the player a golden name tag (seen bellow) golden UI on start menu, golden view models and access to gold only servers.

Conrad Gold helps the Conrad development team a lot and allows us to keep our office space and Ramen noodles :3 so please consider helping us out and get rewarded in the process!

A Conrad gold user who has a golden name tag.

The game is very hard but visuals are nice and idea is solid

Created a new topic View Models introduced

View Models introduced tell me what you think! (Another hand will be added shortly)

AMAZING GAME but very hard

Multiplayer isnt the best for game jams especially when local


Really awesome :D

Thanks! The whole doubles theme was soon to be introduced in the story but I didnt have time :/

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Hi! Sorry im just re compiling the game (Needed to fix some bugs) the game should be back in a bit

Pretty cool concept but its a bit hard maybe  if the snake speed was lowered

This is pretty cool! I could see it being a great mobile app with a bit more development! :P

Pretty good could have more enemy variety and or maybe some power ups?

Pretty cool very addictive :D

ah steel raven weve migrated from gamejolt to itch.io pretty good multiple platforms