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That might be the feedback I heard the most since we squashed a few bugs. Going to try and fix pathfinding so that el chalupagong can't run through walls like the koolaid man. 

It is SUPER sensitive! That's... my bad lol.
It's some holdovers from testing, and could defo use the adjustment.  I'll get a fix in for tonight's build, and thanks for the feedback!

Howdy folks! If you have a hard time seeing the page, the password is BlackBird  
I use the password until the page is ready to be visible, to help with sorting and exposure.

That makes a lot of sense.  We usually do our games in HTML5, so we've never had the download show up here.  Instructions are listed on the page itself, though there isn't a super lot more than that to do currently, other than reach the magical green portal (sphere primitive) that gets you away from the spinning weirdies.  I'll get an update pushed today that includes descriptions for how to play so that folks don't stay confused.

I liked the use of an active battle system with the "one hit" limitation.  At first I was confused and didn't know what to do, but when I remembered the limitation, I switched to a "He who strikes first, wins" approach, and that seemed to work pretty well!  We wanted to create fake battle scenes for our game, but didn't have enough time.  I think an evasion based system could work out for a game like this.  Really enjoyed the team's work, and great job on the voice over work!

Thank you so much! We needed to do a lot of updates pretty quick, but I'm feeling happy with what we have for this jam now. Playing your game now and loving it so far.

It looks like you had some build troubles.  Feel free to reach out if you want to get this build up and running.

That was a lot of fun.  The ledge grab/wall jump seemed more useful for climbing up ledges than ping ponging back and forth to quickly traverse levels, which might be by design.   Wish I had the skills needed to finish it.

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That's not a bad idea to include some coyote time on the next iteration.  Thanks for playing, and we look forward to seeing you again!

We appreciate your feedback!  We're a team of folks who started getting together regularly so that we could make game jams, then improve the process.  This is our second jam, so we are pretty new! :)  We learned a lot this go around,  and are looking forward to next time.

That's a solid recommendation, next time we go with 4 directions we'll probably tie it to the movement to make it simpler.

Really liked the game! I think I want to give the charge jump a try at some point.  The gauge gave me a noticeable edge.

That was smooth, the lined up shots on the flies felt satisfying, and thought that trying it "one more time" would improve my score. 

I really liked finding the the little dude and once I figured him out the rest wasn't so bad, but the 10 seconds was harsh, and it was pretty tough to figure out where things went.  Reminded me of some older dos style games.  Good game, had fun.

This game gave me uber anxiety feels.  11/10 social anxiety simulator.

Sort of reminded me of this game I played long ago where you helped people who were depressed.  It's tough to figure out what people need, and while I did a pretty good job, it did make me want to see if things could go different in the game.

Me, drunk and crying while playing this game: BABY YOU'RE A FIIIIIIREWORK!
My friends: Bro, wth.
(Good game, had a blast.  Was hard to see some of the hazards, but I had a good time)

It's probably just personal taste on my part, but I could do with the controls being a bit tighter.  Overall, great job, and I had a good time playing it.

I said to myself, "Hey, someone made a langoliers video game!"

160!  Good job with the assets, great game!  Started getting pretty bullet hell like toward the end, and I loved it.

Good shot! You did marvelous work fitting a whole freakin' adventure game into this short amount of time.  Super nostalgic, and glad I played it. 

Also, a pizza is simply a large, savory, Italian cookie, so you're good.

PS: haters don't @ me.

I started having flashbacks of super meat boy for a second there.  Beautifully done, 

Nice job with the game mode changes!

Game's fine and didn't contain any malware.

We wanna see that BOX BOIIII

I think I'll give that a try, because I noticed that some make it through!  I figured that it was something to do with the AOE collider I made for the explosion, but decided to move on before I time sank too hard.  Thank you so much for the feedback and suggestions.  

You're very kind to say so lol. The collision with explosions was unintentional, but noticed. Just one of those bugs I never got around to fixing once I got into the swing of things.

It did make me think however, about the chain explosions from old bomberman games. 

Great puzzles! A couple of really good brain teasers, and a solid concept for a game.

Sharp, and once my dumb self you could hold down the move keys, a super blast  I was bobbing my head with.

Pardon the pun, but I had a blast.

Good stuff! Couldn't figure out what "a me in my poacket" was, but I'll keep trying!

Not sure if there was something beyond where I got to, but the art was sharp, the sounds were crispy, and I wanted to play a couple hours worth of the stuff at least.

Gah booger.  I need to change my menus to arrow and space bar menus.

Awesome game man!  I had a blast and it really helped motivate me to keep pushing for the home stretch! 

Made me think of an old sega game, something random off the sega channel.