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Then I don't know.

It might sound strange, but try downloading the demo of your game, because when I downloaded JeweLevel (logged off, by the way), it suddenly showed up. It might have been a coincidence, but give it a try.

Pretty good!

Hi! Recently I published my first game. It is a cosmic match-3 puzzle named JeweLevel, that contains adventure mode with 150 levels of 7 "sub-modes", 3 free-play modes and a level customized, that lets you create your own match-3 levels. The latest version is v1.0.3, but I also uploaded v0.9, that is the demo version of this game, where only 15 levels of adventure are available. 

Get the game at

It is there now. It seemed like someone needed to download it for it to show up.

It has been a week now. I contacted support few days ago and i have started promoting my games on a few websites, but it still doesn't show up.


I recently published my first game titled JeweLevel. It doesn't appear on search. I have carefully read "Getting indexed on Search & Browse" and double-checked my game page settings. I read that developers' first games with a price tag will normally be indexed the same day, but I have waited for 2 days and it still doesn't appear.


My first game here on Itch is JeweLevel, a Match-3 game where you have to complete levels  to travel from planet to planet,

This game contains an adventure mode with 150 levels and 7 "sub-modes", free-play versions of 3 most basic game modes, Level Customizer, that lets you create your own levels, and, of course, powerups.

Audio-visually, it has plenty of planetary landscapes and sci-fi musics.

The link to the game is and it costs 1€.

Hope you like it!