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Takes its time to load, but overall 10/10 from me.

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Literally my favourite retro game now! I Love it!

this game is messed up

now i have crippling depression visual novel variant


64 version of the game has some issues that make it possible for it to not run on some x64 devices. 32 version is okay though. Just use 32x and i'll let you know when i repair x64 version. Is that okay?

Okay. I'll let people know. Thanks for replying!

Whenever someone tries to download my game (Orbital Brawl) there is an error generating download URL. There's even a recent topic in my community.

I don't think i can do anything about this.

That's weird. I'll have to contact Itch's administrators. Sadly, there's nothing i can really do about this.

Thank you for providing this information. I realise now the error was itch's fault. I changed the payment to Free download or Donate.

Sorry for late response. My internet connection isn't very good at this point.

Okay, the error is fixed now. I made the game free to download with optional donations.

It works normally on computers in our studio, could you tell me how good is your internet connection?

Also, sorry for the late response. I'll be responding faster now since i'm back home.

Where does it say it, on the download page or in-game?

I have no words! 11/10!!

I love this game! Great work!

Great job on the game! It's really good, i must agree.

How about "If your games had any quality"?


WTF is all i have to say here

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What do you have with all theese games about DDLC?

You know, this is probably the best one you've made yet. And IT'S STILL BAD.

Well, what did you expect? Look at her profile.


Why all your games are bad?

Vinesauce joel i found some games you should play


How many bad coded games have you got on your profile?


What even..?

End me.

If this profile is how hell looks like i'm becoming religious.