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Pritom Bordoloi

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Thank you Waffle Man!

Thanks a lot for playing and giving feedback! Glad to know that you enjoyed it.  

Great idea! I will rate some of them.

Thank you for the feedback! Didn't get much time to do the balancing. I will probably do an update later with some improvements.

Nice Game. Really like the feel when you attack something, sound and screen shake! By the way, The player can go outside the camera view.

Very well done. Looks really cool!

Looks very good, like the music and sfx as well.

This game is one of my favorites!

Really like the concept, fun game!

Thanks for the feedback! About the health decrease, I wanted to create a sense of urgency but probably it is too much.

The idea is very good. I think you can improve the game later on. It will be good to play on mobile platforms (touch screen devices).

Thanks for your comment! The aim of the game is to stay alive as long as possible, no win conditions. But you are right, the gameplay can definitely be improved.