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i can't wait for the second volume!!!!!

i just finished the demo and i can't wait for the next update :)))

periwinkle being flustered over his feelings is really cute

The game isn't starting for me when I click "Run Adventure" :(

Hey! I just bought your game Jetstream a long while ago and I'm really enjoying it :)!


I can't play because my antivirus keeps closing the game :(((

Cool game

Nice game I just wish that I can skip through the dialogue and get to the choices faster.

I just realized playing this game if you're having a hard time with trying to be efficient with all of your saves, you can go to page 9 and then you can click the arrows for infinity with infinite saves. I can't tell if this is a bug or not.

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Amazing sequel, Brianna Lei really meant it when she said she'll round out the whole cast. Love this game brings a tear to me eye. :) (Also the soundtrack is amazing)

Don't bullet hell games usually consists of dodging a ton of projectiles in your game? I don't play much of those games but that's what I think

Great game I just wish I knew how kid Bell got back home (unless she just stayed in the future forever)

I like how simplistic this game is (ALSO this is the 69th review for this game lol)

I wish the goose was more chaotic and evil

This game is super short but it's worth your time!!

Great bullet hell game!!

I really like all the colors of the game also it's very satisfying to watch

It's a nice arcade game I just wish I taught you in the tutorial what clocks are

This is a really nice game, played it with my sister we both loved 10/10.

Super fun beat em up style game

This is a really nice and polished game I love all of the little characters in there

Short and sweet 

nice game :))