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Thank you!

I see you did quite well now the results are in so I just wanted to return and offer my congratulations! Well deserved!

Love me a puzzly game! Very pretty too. Great stuff! Doing a post-jam version?

Very clever! Reminiscent conceptually of Superhot but very much its own thing. Not sure I've seen this done before, at least this exact way. High score!

Cool! I know this is about design, but I want to compliment you on visuals and audio as well. c: I don't think any of my thoughts have not already been covered by others, so I'm not sure what to add! Good job! c:

That was neat! But difficult as some other people have said, haha. I think JoshGrams basically covered my thoughts. I like the graphics and the colours and the sounds!

Thank you, that was fun to watch! All fair criticisms! c:

Thank you!


Yass! Untested tho, so it'd be great if someone on Linux did try it! c:

Wow, thank you for that writeup!

Can't say for sure if it makes for a good game but here's how I intended it: the ghost does keep pursuing you so you don't really have to go looking for it, and the corners of the screen get tinted with a fuzzy vignette in the direction they are relative to you (but it's possible it's hard to see if you're playing the game in broad daylight or if you have some form of colour blindness—unfortunately I didn't have time to test for that) and the sound of laughter and swishing between the trees is three-dimensional too (headphones recommended!) so you don't really need to actually see the ghost itself. p:

Thanks a bunch for your feedback! I already have a big project I'm working on between jams so I won't be working more on this for now at least. Feel free to steal it if you liked it and think it can be improved upon and you're feeling particularly keen on doing the work, haha. πŸ’ƒ

Just played and rated your game too BTW. So good!!

Doo do dooooo do doo do doooooo! That was amazing! No noes from me, only high scores! Super clever idea and marvellous execution with such good (and so much!!) writing and different characters. I'm incredibly impressed at how much you got in there in such a short time. Music and art style are great too, and the N64 style voices are so good. Got the cafΓ© bug on my first playthrough so I checked the comments. Bummer! But I played again and it went fine after that. Top notch! πŸ˜

Haha, ouch. I've had similar issues with branching dialogues in past jam games. Can get messy. Thanks for playing my game! I see yours has a Mac build so I'll put it on my list too—it looks like fun~ And yeah, you can get the thing, but like the intro dialogue says, the ghost keeps moving them when the player is keeping a safe distance, as an incentive to get you to keep taking risks by staying close to the ghost, but I admit it wasn't super clear. xp

Played and rated both of yours now! Really cool stuff.

That was great! Always impressed when I see so much story in a jam game, and it was quite well-written and exciting to follow too. Was slightly confused at the start since all the bulbs seemed lit, being yellow, but after understanding how it all worked, it was very helpful that they were visible even in the dark as I strayed from the first lit area. Great atmosphere and music. Movement a bit floaty perhaps. Overall a solid entry from start to finish—nice work!

Thank you! Likewise to you in your own endeavours! c:

I enjoyed that! Funny, not only did we both make spooky games, but we both used the same theme interpretation of only being able to see for one second at a time, altho executed very differently~

Game looks nice, and even without the soundtrack on web it also sounds nice with the effects. Have to agree with the majority that having to restart the whole game was a bit harsh, but the mechanic is fun and the batteries that grant an additional flash were very welcome! Like some people have said, procedural generation would be cool, perhaps for a post-jam version if you choose to keep working on this game? c:

Nice work!

Still not, sorry. /: If you keep silently updating over the course of the next few days I'll be happy to keep trying periodically! I do hope to get on a Windows machine before the rating period is over anyway tho so I can play some Windows-only games as well.

This one I actually found myself and was planning to play already haha. Looks great! Getting around to it as soon as I can!

Ahh, that's too bad about the sound, but I'll play! Thanks!

Yeah! One thing I do from time to time when I feel like I'm failing to be productive is to just go over my backlog over the last few months to see how much has actually happened~

That's annoying, working in one place but not another... ): Don't really have any suggestions as I don't work with Java, but I hope you figure it out. I'll be happy to try again if you do!

Just tried this and I'm getting the grey screen too, I'm afraid. ):

Thank you so much!!

Ahh. Thanks! I'll try it out!

Thanks! Can only speak for myself, but it's been important to me to find something to work on that I'd genuinely like to play myself to stay motivated working on it. Even when I'm very excited it's a lot of hard work that's easy to burn out on!

Looking for spooky games specifically here, since I can filter submissions by macOS if I need to find any compatible games, but you don't have to remove this post as it helps clarify in case anybody else is confused too. c: I'll be happy to check out your game too! I see it says "file isn't working" tho and I can't seem to find the comment you're referring too? 0:

It's a C++ engine built on SDL like so many haha. But it's a good combo! So many good libraries in the C/C++ ecosystem to slap on (Bullet for physics for example). It certainly takes a long time tho, but I finally got started on the actual game earlier this year and it's going quite well! Now I'm developing the engine alongside the game as features are needed. c:

My game is set in a little forest and all the trees are generated on a grid, so that I can use the data structure for the enemy's pathfinding (it moves from tree to tree so it checks which tree around the current one is the best one to move to next), but the forest is circular and I also wanted to not have trees in some tiles to make it more organic… But for some reason my brain wasn't working properly and I didn't realise until after the jam that I could've just not generated those tree objects and nulled those indices in the grid data structure, but instead I just deactivated the objects, so they're still there, using up memory. x_x

Doing a custom engine for my big game, but I tend to use Unity for jams since I'm so fast with it at this point. Would love to find the time to branch out to something like Godot or Pico-8 one day, tho!

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I made a horrory game this time, so I thought I ought to play some horrory ones too! I'm on a Mac, so they need to be for macOS or web.

(don't worry, I'm going to be playing all different kinds of games but I don't need a thread to find those—just thought it'd be cool to see who did something similar this time~)

That was fun! Also very difficult, haha. Maybe this should be one of those games where you can play the levels in any order if you get completely stuck so you don't give up on the entire game but can just move on to a different level in the meantime and come back to the trickier one later. πŸ˜›But I pushed through! Great use of the theme. Given that it was difficult just to avoid obstacles I wonder if I wouldn't have preferred constant speed and instant stopping without any acceleration involved. Really cool entry! Good job!

Thank you for playing! Based on what I've heard from a couple of people now I probably didn't make things quite clear enough. Maybe it'd've been better to have two ghosts, one chasing the player and one guarding the charm, to still make it so the player couldn't get the charm without risking their life, while also not losing the chase aspect, but too late for that now! Will update the game description to clarify at least, heh.

Very different execution but I found another one that uses the same idea of having only one second/moment to look at the level. Periodically in my case but for the entire level in the latter!

Oh, and to edit and optimise the GIF in all sorts of ways when I'm done!

I use LICEcap! Example:

Every single game I make lacks violence as a player verb, so I'm happy to see this thread, and I'll be including games from it on my list of entries to try and play and rate for sure! c:

I do still sometimes include violence as a theme, and my entry for this jam is a survival game so there is a violent threat to escape from, but the player verb is basically just 'run'.

This looks super cool!

Sp00ky game where you have only one second to see at a time (lightning strikes)!

This looks great! What's that font?