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Hey there, yeah, never quite know how much compatibility will remain with older Unity web builds as browsers develop over the years so it might just be too old :( It does still work for me on the latest Chrome anyhow.

Thank you! πŸ˜Š Depends on the game; for this one I didn't draw the characters (Marte in the credits did) but I animated them. I did do the programming.

😝 Added to the list of controls now, thanks!

Thanks for playing and making the video! 😊 Helps to see what people get stuck on etc.

Thanks for playing! Sorry for taking so long to reply  πŸ˜Ά Appreciate the appreciation πŸ’œ Glad the game worked, wish I'd had time to add more levels to have it make a bit more sense.

I've seen people mention that xattr thing since last LD, forgot about that. I wonder if it helps if I do it before packaging the file, or if it needs to be done locally every time anyway. I actually have an M2 (with Monterey) from work as of recently in addition to the Intel one I made and exported the game on, so I could test it out. Thanks for telling me!

Cursor lock can be toggled with space—maybe you accidentally hit it? πŸ˜…

Hey! Sorry for such a late reply: dig a hole, cry water into it, anger lightning into it for a spark of life, put your lump of dirt from digging back into the hole with the algae you just made to make soil, then rain on it to germinate a seed and finally smile sun on it to make it grow 🌼

AAAAhhH 😬 The true nightmare!! Thanks for playing πŸ’œ

Have a rrrotten day! πŸ₯Έ

Woohoo! 🌼🌼🌼 Thank you for playing!

Oh, I didn't get a notification, I just checked the update time at the bottom of the page πŸ˜

I'm glad it was helpful! From my own experience, I assume you are aware of most of these things and just haven't gotten around to them yet, making any sort of pre-alpha release really scary. Tried to focus on these overall issues that might stick around, and not temporary things that are obvious bugs haha. Looking forward to the updated version! πŸ’œ

Hey, sorry for taking a bit of time to reply! It says the page was updated after you wrote this, so did you figure it out? c:

It's a bit difficult for me to come up with suggestions before I myself really know what I'm actually doing and thus why it's unclear. Could you write something about your intentions here?

One thing for me about choosing building blocks was that sometimes it didn't seem like I was able to confirm until I changed my selection and I wasn't sure if that was due to a bug or because only one of the options is considered correct, so did I have a choice there at all? And if I do, am I just ruining it if I'm picking mismatched pieces and making for example a row of arches asymmetric?

The choices for the artefacts and the echoes at this point kind of didn't really mean anything to me, I just didn't understand what they were for, heh πŸ˜… I guess if it's about replay value you won't even realise it until you play the game again, but I feel like with something like dialogue options in an RPG you generally still feel the specific impact of your current choice because the NPC will then go on to do something that follows directly from your choice, but I didn't understand what they impacted here, do I get a different portal to a different time or a different version of that time depending on what I pick?

I worry that I'm thinking too much about this in typical game terms in case this is really just about something artistic you're trying to express but even from that point of view I remain confused as to the implications.

Whew, that was a right wall of text. Hope my ramblings are helpful and not disheartening! You've got a fantastic foundation here, that just needs a bit more clarification, at least for me πŸ˜…

Hey! It's so cool to see you releasing a build for this. πŸ’œ It's so nice to finally be able to move around these beautiful environments myself.  I like what you have in terms of audio so far as well.

I know it's early and that you're probably aware of any flaws. Unfortunately I ended up getting stuck here because I couldn't find any angle to click this light from, it just wouldn't register:

Going through the portal from here gave me this, I don't know if it'll help you work the issue out? πŸ˜…

I'm really liking the vibe anyhow, hope I can get unstuck and play some more!

I do have to admit at this point I'm not really sure what I'm doing clicking all this stuff, how any of the choices I make affect anything. Which building pieces I pick, or the options for the echoes or the artefacts. Will this be clearer in the final game, or is that part of the mystery? I felt a bit aimless.

I think I need some nudges in the right direction!

You can make little flowerbeds with them but that's basically it πŸ˜… Didn't have time to implement that much stuff during the jam unfortunately. Thanks for playing!

Not bad! Thanks for playing πŸ˜

Thanks for playing πŸ’œ Yeah, it's tricky!

Thanks for playing and the feedback! C:

Thank you! πŸ’ƒ I hope there aren't unbeatable magnet levels, but there are so few variations I feel like I must have playtested them all.  :c Once you get the item hooked the magnet gets heavier and takes more time to turn, so you generally wanna start moving it ahead of time, if that helps!

They do give you something to do / look at! c:

Fair enough! I only really jam to get a break from other stuff and need the deadline to get anything done so the regularity of LD works well for me. c:

Thank you!! 😍 Bug should be fixed now, you're the second to report it and I finally figured it out.

DziΔ™kujemy!! πŸ’œπŸ’œ Marte's responsible for the colours, and I agree! And Ponyo is great 😻 We'd been playing Wind Waker, so it was on our minds too. Actually wondered near the deadline if people would follow the gulls and whether it would've been cool to make them actually gravitate towards treasure but they don't actually haha. But everything spawns on a grid and then gets offset a bit, so they probably often end up near it anyway!

Yesss! πŸ‘’

Thanks!! πŸ’œ You didn't do this LD?

Thank you!! 🚀

It's a tie! Thanks for playing and for the video πŸ€©

There is no win state in the game in case that wasn't clear, you can only break your previous record p:

Improving! πŸ’ͺ Thanks for playing!!

Geez, this game is so stressful even for me to watch haha. That was fun, thanks! I can see your point about the food.  I think my logic was that you need three meals a day but maybe it doesn't work so well with the speed of the other meters.

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You might be right πŸ˜… Unfortunately I don't usually update game jam games after the jam, but I'm glad you like it!

Must be a lousy pizza πŸ˜­ Thank you!

Thank you!

Aww, thanks for playing! πŸ’œ

Thank you!

Ohh, but very pretty! πŸ’š

Thank you!  πŸ’œ Am I right that you didn't do this LD?

Thank you!  πŸ’œ I had trouble climbing one time too but then it never happened again, so maybe there's an annoying inconsistent bug in there.  I'm glad you liked it! I wasn't super happy with all the compromises I had to make to finish on time, but I've gotten some nice comments so that made me feel good about it again anyway. πŸ€©

Thank you so much!! πŸ˜Š Glad you found out about the flowers, I know a lot of people never got that far haha

That does look very well done, cool! πŸ€© And thanks again!

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Hi!! 🌻 Been a while since anybody commented on this game, so thanks a bunch!

So glad you liked it, even with invisible flowers. πŸ˜… That's a weird bug… Did you try both the web build and the one native to your OS? 

(EDIT: Oh, my goodness! I realised I never put the native builds on this page. Sorry about that. They're uploaded now!)

Unfortunately this is just a jam game made in three days so it isn't receiving updates, but it's definitely high on my list of jam games that I might actually develop further at some point!

(I also made this gardening game if you missed it, but again a jam game that isn't super deep)

Hope you do find that perfect one tho! πŸ˜