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Aw, thanks! You have no idea how motivating that is to hear! :D

This is awesome! What are you using to make it?

Thanks for playing! There are definitely a lot of things that could be added, and I've got a list of features I'm working on now!

Thanks for playing, and you can fix the poles yet. Probably going to add that though.

Thanks for playing! Over 2 minutes is a great score! And yeah, that font is super hard to read, so I definitely will be looking for a new one. And I like the money idea! That might have to somehow make it into a future version of the game.

Thanks for playing! And yeah, I didn't think to mention that.. But I've added an entire "how to play" paragraph to the game page for future players!



Thanks for the feedback! Yes, there are a few things I plan to fix, but I ended up with approx 12 hours or so to build the game so there are things that I do want to change/add. After voting ends, I plan to push another update and I want to have some sort of way to restore power lines without making things too easy.

Great score, and thanks for playing! And I agree, the power poles are a tad small. They do have fairly large colliders though, so you should be able to click near them and they'll work. I might scale them up a little bit more though...

Absolutely crazy, scary and I loved it! Great game. :D

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Awesome! Just beat the boss, then touched him, and died... Is that what’s supposed to happen?!

I really enjoyed what I played! Is the save system functional yet? I couldn't seem to save my progress.

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You seem to like the whole Altar of Roots bit. Why not keep it simple and do
THE ALTAR OF ROOTS as the name? If that's a main part of the game anyways. That way you don't add anything new really for people to remember, you just cull the part that people get confused by.

 Or flip it, and do THE ALTAR OF ROOTS: Bevontule ? Then you get a simple pronouncable name that people can tell their friends, while keeping everything you wanted? Plus, a freaking root altar grabbed my attention. Sounds awesome.

Wow! Just wow!

Not sure on release or price, but I would love to have the game playable this year. I'm currently working on part 1, and I'm super excited about it so far!

Thanks for playing and streaming it! I'll try my best to earn that 5 star rating in the future!

Have an awesome day,


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This video just made my day, I am so glad you enjoyed the demo! Also, it totally tracks if you shoot the hanging dudes. :P

Very cool! It has a nice style, visuals and sound design!

I like it!

Thank you so much for taking the time to try the game!