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The game is supposed to be played with WASD and Space keys and the countdown is actually a score that measures how far you've traveled. This game will receive a major optimisation update on Tuesday and it will be better. I intended to make a major update fixing all the bugs and finishing up the game in a later version, but considering how much feedback the game has received, it will be posted this week. Promise and sorry for the inconvenience. The finished update should cover up your problems with playing the game. Stay tuned!

Well, really nice work on the game. It's great. Especially since you worked on it. Really cool!

Thanks! Gonna play it. Nice project page! I definitely like it.


Awesome game! How old are you? And who made the music? It's really good! Nice job!

good game

Rate my game! What do you think? It's my second ever. Feedback highly appreciated! :D

Leave your feedback here! Highly appreciated :)

It's a cool game!

Pretty cool game! Thanks for making it. Enjoyed.

What the f***, dev?

Awesome game. Pretty cool and matches the theme! I liked it.

Gesture recognition was done amazingly. Well done and good job on the concept.

Nice entry overall, a well-designed game and a lesson to learn! Very interesting concept of making a shape-detecting game.