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this is the same game as your previous one but with different textures, please make something different

Really good, i see a lot of potential for a full game here, i will definitely donate on kickstarter, hope to see the full thing soon!

Unexpected, the model for the character threw me off but I liked the pace and the ending!

Tried that and guess it worked! Thanks for the response, I am looking forward to your next game though, you have some serious talent.

Hey uh, the .exe is flagged as MalWare.

This bothers me a lot. You have this great atmosphere and pacing, but the story and horror elements need some massive improvement. This game crashed 3 times while I was playing and I got spawned out of the map.

So far so great. This game is very unique and different from Puppet Combos other games. I'm really loving this so far!