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This game is really good ! I like how you managed to integrate the gameplay into the narration. There were meaningful choice to make during the whole game and that is great.

Just one suggestion: use color differently. Indeed the value of each block is not very intuitive. Maybe use a gradient

Very original. I liked the visual design of the pieces but it was confusing. Nice job proposing some configuration.

Thank you =)

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add friction to the movement of the ball to reduce its speed when your not touching the keyboard or the controller. Also the camera makes it difficult to see sometimes, you should do it in VR it would be lovely <3

Loved it otherwise, beau travail les gars

a pretty hard theme, so we did our best, even if a shooter where you can't shoot was the most common solution ^^ thks a lot ! <3

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I see the purpose of slowing down. Would have loved to see different ennemies, 'cause the strategy becomes easy findable. Love the feeling <3

Owww <3
It could have been a good reward  at the end of the game :D

How do I play ?

very fun.

There is no inertia.

Very good idea otherwise =D

The rules were not clear but I liked the inertia idea

Your game makes a nice use of inertia. 

My first reaction : "I can jump"

Nice game, nice graphics =)

Nice idea but the inertia makes it difficult to navigate.

Kind of disappointed not seeing the world in 3D