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Very cool. Had no idea what was going on at first, but figured it out and was pleasantly surprised! Fun. My main complaint is the controls, I felt like I was constantly fighting them. I got to the face room, but it was far more challenging than it should have been. Once I figured out what I needed to do, I had to try a dozen times or so because the controls kept betraying me. The mouse seems wayyy too sensitive, I don't like that I instantly do a huge jump when I hit pink, the air control is very limited. Every tiny incremental improvement you can make in the control scheme will pay exponential dividends in the fun of the player. Feeling that you can confidently and smoothly move around the world wont make the game fun itself, but in your case it will really help reveal the fun already present.

Nice! Love the progress since I last tried it out. Things look and feel better all around. Cool mechanics and feel.

Cute game. I had fun chuckin goodies into the pot. I'm curious where you're going with this, but I'm along for the ride. Had a good laugh when I threw the tutorial frog into the pot.

Missing the data folder

Hey boustro, good to see another game from you. I like it, but I think the difficulty curve is a bit off here. In Torpedo, you really nailed it after some polishing. And in this type of game, difficult curve is everything. Here, the first level has way too much. There are the two pits, the two ceiling spikes, and then the three staggered spikes. That could be broken into a couple levels. Also, the collision with the spikes doesn't feel super fair. I can tell there are rectangular bounding boxes on the guy and the spikes, so sometimes I glide by the corner (where there are no spikes) and still die. That doesn't feel good. Also, running into the sides of spikes and dying doesn't feel good. The art/collision model might need to be improved.

Them dinos are cute. It's pretty frustrating to die in one hit though ;_; I never quite figured out the spell system either. I would draw a shape and then hit Q and nothing seemed to happen.

I like the character of the game. I think the interactions between the two girls could be very funny. But the promise of having a jetpack isn't quite delivered on when you just remove gravity. I just feel there are so many cool things you can do with a jetpack. Also the level design feels like it should utilize it. The levels that I saw were suited for a platformer, where you don't have a jetpack. The shooting feels good though, I like that. I think if you find the fun potential in having a jetpack, you'll find the fun in your game.

Well made but seems to hew too close to Castlevania. Unless you are trying to appeal to hardcore Castlevania fans who just want more of the same. For anyone else, it's going to be difficult to make the case that your game is more worthwhile than just playing the original.

Looks promising but I am terrible at micro. So I don't have much constructive to say. But I found the tutorial clear and easy to follow. I do like that game seems to confidently know what it is trying to accomplish.

Interesting game, I've never seen anything quite like it. The art all looks good. I agree with Cox though, felt a little slow at times. Seems like it should either be more actiony, where youre trying to manage your inventory quickly to keep things moving. Or you should be able to step forward when youre ready into the next encounter.

Great intro, and the premise seems like a lot of fun. Had some frustrations figuring things out though. I think currently the mechanics outstrip the messaging, making it hard to understand. Playing a minion master D2 style is really fun though, and the game has a lot of charm and a very good tone set.

Cool game. I like the shield mechanic, that feels good. The art all looks good, it has charm. Sometimes I feel like there is a bit too much going on at once, but I'm just not good at those kinds of things. Nice work

Cool! The rocket jumping mechanic is fun, and I think your game is a promising start to using it effectively. I think you can build it out a bit more here, though. If you could incrementally build up speed with it, that would be cool. I really hate that you drop the gun when you get hit, I see no point to that. The look of the game is very nice. Keep it up.

Very cute, love these lil buggs. I like the combat design, but a little more messaging around damage / life totals could be good. Also maybe you could have levels of success with each of their skill checks (with the horned beetle for instance, releasing exactly when the indicator lights up does the most damage. if you release before/after that it does less). Keep up the good work

Damn... nice work! Right away the look and feel of the game is very professional. I generally don't like these kind of games, but I honestly found this one fun. The pace of rewards is great. The dash feels great, I found myself actually using it. Enemy design is great, it's chaotic but clear whats happening. My only crit is the UI at the top. It feels very unclear, there is no visual hierarchy. After playing about 15-20 minutes I still wasnt exactly sure where my health was.

This is quite interesting, and quite complicated. It feels a bit overwhelming starting it. So much was happening, and I wasn't quite sure what I was supposed to be doing. But the art and flavor is all great, I think with a smoother introduction to the game you have something with potential here.

Fun little game. I like the different modes. The race and avalanche in particular were fun. The feeling of carving back and forth is great. Speeding up could feel better. I feel that your speed should not go away right when you let go of the button. Maybe you need to carve back and forth to slow down (like in actual skiing). Then you could introduce some slippage, which would be fun. Nice work.

I went back and beat all the levels except the last one. I was able to beat level 10 after 5 or so tries after sleeping and coming back. Felt good. My iterations for levels 11, 12, and 13 were 5, 16, 30.

Also had a thought about what might be a cool level (if you haven't already done this): two enemy torpedo launchers next to each other, firing through a narrow channel you have to go through. Their shots are staggered so you have to weave back and forth to avoid them.

Fun game. The Wilhelm screams had me laughin. it was satisfying to blast people, and fun to make them drive off the cliff. Best moment was when I accelerated to a cliff, then hand braked and a whole fleet of cars went flying off around me. I like the control scheme, picked it up pretty fast. I wish that when you pulled the gun out, it always defaulted to being perpendicular to the car. That would help me keep my bearings about where the gun is pointing. Right now, I have to assess where I left it, and then where I need it to go. It's hard to tell where the gun is pointing when there are dudes right next to you, because you can't see the gun. The AI is quite good, I enjoyed it. Guys might be a little too suicidal though.

Overall, very nice work.

Game is very slick, and has a fundamentally interesting idea: encircling enemies to crush them. That part feels good, and is fun. Where I think things get a off-track is with all the bullet hell elements. To be fair, it's not a genre I enjoy very much. But it actually seems contradictory to the encircling mechanic. You're using your mouse to steer around a guy, to shoot him means you have to steer directly at him.

I really think this is a cool game, so I'm not trying to harsh on your progress. I just personally think you're going down the wrong road by building a bullet hell shooter on top of the more interesting game. Honestly I picture this game in its ideal form as something closer to a single player Agar.io. But the enemies are all like you, snake-like. They are trying to encircle you, and you are trying to encircle them. Length only matters because it gives you a better chance at being the victor. And eating the enemy makes you longer.

Not a bad start. The controls and movement are solid. The character feels too heavy for me, though. The graphics are obviously crude, but you do a good job of making clear what is happening. Even one unique frame for the attack would improve this a LOT. The movement of the attack itself feels pretty good.

Not sure why the dead witches turns transparent instead of going away though. Also, jumping up a series of tiny platforms is very tedious. That sort of challenge died with the NES for good reason. I think you can do better with how you challenge the player!

Feels great! The way the camera works is really smart, I like it. The controls are pretty good, but could potentially be simplified. I would prefer to just click on items to pick them up, clicking then hitting E feels a little clunky. Consider one click to select an item, a second to pick it up. Hell, you could even drop the wasd entirely and use the mouse to click to your destination. WASDQE + Mouse1 + Mouse2 feels like too much for what you're trying to accomplish here. The graphics are so inviting and cute, but the complexity of the control scheme could act like a brick wall to the wide range of people this game might attract.

Also, this is just a gut feeling, but I don't see "Innkeeper" as being the ultimate realization of what you have here. I suspect there are ideas that would better compliment this aesthetic you have going.

The sprites are cute, good work on that. But there are some problems. First off, the pixels are all blurry from Unity. I agree with @SpaceDogGames, Unity is likely not the right choice for this project. Second, they shift around strangely as I move. The camera lurches and pops. The controls can be much better. Running is fine. The jump height and speed feels good, but you slow down when you jump and when you land. Not sure if it's intentional. The wall climbing can definitely be improved a lot. When you do it, your control of the character is virtually taken away. That doesn't feel good.

You clearly have an interesting vision, and there is a certain mood you are beginning to develop here. But you need to resolve the technical issues of control and presentation before that will really start to come through. Keep it up.

Sooper fucking fun. Music and sounds are great, fit the gameplay perfectly. Deserves better art. Really had me hooked. I personally would smooth out the difficulty curve a little bit. Here are my iteration numbers for your reference (level 0-10): 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 3, 9, 23, 19, 24, 100+. After 100 tries on level 10 I stopped. I got past both cannons three or four times towards the end, but then you put a hairpin turn in after that. Comon man, thats a dick move ;)

I love the super fast iteration loop. The concept is funny. Addicting gameplay. Improve the art and perfect the difficulty curve and you have a very solid game here.

The atmosphere is excellent. The art style, animations, grainy texture filter, the music and sounds, all wonderful. Controls feel pretty good. Diagonal movement could be good. I forgot about left-alt and then was totally stranded, unsure what to do next after I picked up my bag. I had to restart the game to see what I missed. When you hold left or right, hitting up or down doesn't overwrite that. Takes a second to see where the new text starts, wish the most recent text was highlighted somehow. Going in houses is awesome, that's a great idea.

Keep going with this, it's already very cool, and I feel compelled to explore the town more. Do this game justice!

Interesting game! I like the concept. For brief periods I got into the zone where I was nailing them back to back, but most of the time I felt overwhelmed. Imagine Lucille Ball in the candy factory. I think what you really want is to bring the player into the zone, where they are really hitting one after another. Its currently really hard to get there, even on the easiest difficulty.

Have you considered removing the difficulty choice up front, and adding a dynamic difficulty? All you need to do is vary the frequency of drops. When they hit one, the speed increases a tiny bit. When they miss one, the speed goes down a tiny bit.

There is no clear failure state. You just keep dropping balls and eventually it's over. Tetris has a perfectly designed failure state. You always knew how close you were to losing. In this, it's not clear.

Great start! Your art assets have a lot of character, and I like the colors. Concept and world seems fun and interesting. Control and movement definitely need some work. Moving around is disorienting. The controls don't feel reliable, I often don't jump when I hit the button, or move in a way that I did not intend. I suspect the player is moving much too fast, but this depends on the gameplay to a degree. Consider a 16:9 aspect ratio. When you jump, you go rocketing up into the air. Little trick to prevent this while keeping things from getting too floaty: lower the global gravity and the jump velocity, then increase the players specific gravity while they are falling. The early Mario games did this.

I think you have a knack for interesting concepts; the player character, the gun, and the cat wizard are all good. With more polish to the movement, to the point where is it a joy to simply run and jump around, I think you'll really have something here. Keep it up!

Nice work! I like puzzle games of this sort. I beat all 7 levels. I think you're onto a good concept here. #6 was the hardest, and provided a nice eureka moment. Suggestions: Use the puzzles to teach players the rules! It is better than having text up front. Not every puzzle needs to blow a persons mind. Next, because of the way the game works there is a tendency to just explore the possibility space until you stumble upon the solution. Currently a lot of it can be trimmed away, leaving a small range of solutions. When a puzzle is solved in this way, it is not particularly satisfying. The game clearly has the potential to provide players moments of revelation and mental leaps. It's your job to deliver that.

Great work. Nice world design, and the game has a lot of charm. Feels good to play, the movement and attacks are good. Wish it was a little harder though! The big armor guys look really cool, but I killed them easily on my first try. Never took any damage from the zombies. And I could avoid the crows without problem. If it were a little more challenging then the items you get would be more satisfying.

This is great! Very nice work. I had fun, and want to play some more when I get back later tonight. Good puzzle design, always made me think but I never felt stumped. I like the movement feel, it's very unique. I liked the jump mechanic. Really wish my gamepad worked!

My post was too long:


Excellent! Game looks super cute. The celebration animation is particularly good. Feels great to play, getting a big combo was fun. I got to level 4, and the difficulty curve was great. Always felt engaged and challenged. I liked that you could hit the enemies with your ball.

A few things that might improve it:

Like crab said, some skid when you swing would be really good. Get some juice on destroying the blocks. It's the most fundamental thing you do and should feel awesome when you blast one, and 10x as awesome when you have a big combo going. I had trouble getting use out of the slide. Once there were a lot of enemies, it was somewhat useful in getting through their projectiles. But I still feel it could be much more fun and useful. What if it also functioned as a hit, or you could hit while sliding. Sliding into the ball to catch it just in time and keeping your combo going would be amazing. What if you could hit the projectiles to dissipate them?

Keep up the great work!

This is real cute. The player model and animations are particularly charming. Nice work. I think there are a few things that could be improved thought:

  • If you click on an enemy, make sure the projectile goes in a way that will actually hit them. Often when I clicked an enemy the projectile would go over their heads. I had to click the ground under them.
  • Make the "recharge" indicator on the skill much more clear, it was hard to tell when it was ready
  • Moving and casting at the same time would feel a LOT better in my opinion.
  • Give the different enemies different speeds, movement patterns, and sizes. It could be difficult to tell them apart
  • Health bars on the enemies? Numbers came up but it didn't really give me any useful info because I didn't know how much health they had.
  • Im not sure what you can do with the buttons you collect.
Overall, very cute. Good job.

Very cool, I think you have something special on your hands here. The way all the mechanics work together is fantastic. My only problem was the camera movement, it made it hard to tell what was going on sometimes. The screen shake was part of the problem, but it was mostly the zoom in/out as you approached something. I'd consider slowing down that type of camera movement a lot, so that it very gradually zooms in or out. Great work.

This project is shaping up fantastically. The game has a well developed atmosphere. It makes me want to explore. I love the style of your art and animation, especially your color choices. There is clearly a lot of placeholder art, but looking past that I can see you're on track. Just do everything you can to sustain that atmosphere.

One concern I have, is that the action elements (fighting enemies), undermine the atmosphere of the game. I was feeling a sense of adventure, but then when a fly started buzzing around my face and I had to slowly chip away his health, that was lost. It felt annoying. To me, this game's ideal form is actually about that sense of exploration. I honestly think that with care put into the movement mechanics (like the grappling hook), you don't need a bunch of flys and pigs running around. Boss fights could be an interesting punctuation to vary the gameplay.

Keep up the good work though. You have something with very high potential here.

I love the art. Everything looks professional and highly consistent. One thing... I so badly want for you to remove the black outline on the player. That's personal preference, though nothing else in the game has it.

The gameplay feels great. The timings of the attack, the roll, and just running around. However, the game was oppressively difficult. This game has the blood of dark souls, but there is a trick to that game. It's actually not that difficult. It just does a really good job making things seem difficult, or even impossible. Which makes it all the sweeter when you win.

In your game, there are weak looking dudes that wreck you. That's frustrating. The mechanics of the combat are good, and challenging in the right way, but I think enemies that look harder than they are are best.

You have a really good game on your hands here with a lot of potential. Just make sure you are secretly rooting for the player ;)

Wow... what can I say. It was hilarious, scary, beautiful, and above all strange. It consistently subverted my expectations and delighted. Bravo.

My favorite moment was when you go through the cave, back into the bedroom. The entire game was very dreamlike, but that moment in particular strongly evoked the feeling of waking up from a dream.

I showed some of my friends, they really liked it. I had one friend stream it, here's a link if you wanna see:


I like this. The visual style is really good and consistent, everything looks professional. You nailed the simple aesthetic. I like how the dungeon kind of "comes together" as you walk around. The way everything moves is nice. You do a good job teaching the basics. But once I opened the door with the three skelingtons on the other side, I didn't know what to do. I tried a couple times, and each time I was eventually cornered at the start and couldn't do anything. I tried using my spell, in which case "AAAaaAAaaahh!" was shown, but nothing seemed to happen. Up until that point I thought the tutorial was well done, and taught me the right concepts at the right time.

Keep going, and maybe keep holding the players hand a little longer. Or I just missed something obvious. Either way, I didn't like having to start over because I was cornered.

Solid implementation of a known type of gameplay. The indicator when you beat your high score is a good touch. The difficulty seemed to be too polarized. Most of the time it was very easy, then there are a few very difficult parts. Such as the one in your screenshot, with the tiny gap you have to drop through. Smoothing that out would be good. You put some good effort into polishing the game, such as the way the text moved, the bounce you do when you hit the ground, and the little star that comes up. I think you could have applied a bit more while the player was succeeding. A more pronounced flapping animation, particles when you flap, and so on.

Good work.