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With just a few words...I HATE ALEX! Cool concept and sometimes also i was getting the hibby jibbies without a reason..lol!Anyway, thanks a lot for that opportunity!Can't wait to see more from you dev :) Here is also my let's play:

I totally loved the idea of having a musicbox that was revealing secret symbols scattered around the house, while at the same time you had to avoid being caught by that legless creature..Spoopy and very well made!I'm extremely eager to play more of this!Thanks a lot!Here is my let's play also:

That game gave me gossebumps!Really loved it but couldn't finish it though O_o

Created a new topic That Was Cool :)

Kinda liked the whole idea & concept but unfortunately i didn't got scared by the monster..It was cool in general & i would love to see that idea being enhanced!Here is also my let's play:

Well..there is nothing left for me to say than...E N J O Y!

Great and purely innovative idea which i want so badly to see in full edition!Awesome experience :) Here's my let's play:

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Loved its simplicity and the whole atmosphere!Great short point&click horror game! Thanks for sharing your work with us! Here's my let's play:

Very promising idea which i definitely would want to see being completed as a full game!Thanks for sharing with us your work :) Here is my let's play:

That was really hilarious!I enjoyed this a ton and i advice you to try this immediately, if you haven't already!! Here's my let's play:

Really loved the whole creepy atmosphere and the text style gameplay!It was something unique & beautiful!An amazing - must play - little gem!Thanks :)

Absolutely awesome!Totally loved the defence mechanism and the whole pixel art style environment!

Really great project!Totally liked the idea & the atmosphere!I would love to see more from this one or more like this one! Great piece you've got there Wolv!

I really liked this pixel art indie adventure game!It was legitimately a little gem for which you deserve all the credits!

Absolutely loved it!!That was a great combination of cartoon environment with some dark & spooky vibes! You did an amazing job & i can't wait for chapter 2!

I literally loved the idea and the whole concept!You did a great job and i can't wait to play the full game!I also wanted to share my Let's Play with you xD

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You actually did a really great job here!Loved the idea of all that extraterrestrial satanic frequency invasion and of course i'm waiting for more!! Here is my Let's Play: IS THIS REAL?? | Human https://youtu.be/a1S85t0IBgM