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This is a very solid entry, definitely underrated, there needs to be more ratings on this. I really loved all the platformer mechanics and physics, they were very smooth and just felt so good. Though initially I felt like the bars were recharging pretty fast, making the game easy, as the enemies get tougher it certainly was required, so the difficulty does not necessarily depend just on focusing the bars but also the enemies, really good job. A polished fine game for sure. Well done :)

Here's mine:

By the way, I had already played yours and also rated and commented :)

Yes, you read that right, just me link your game and I'll play it and give you an honest rating. There is no need for you to play my game in return, but I'd certainly appreciate it if you did.

There are quite a few games and I don't know which ones to play, I don't wanna spend time browsing, just link me your game and I'll play it when I'm free later and will rate it too :)

Very nice take on the theme. The game was extremely difficult for me though, I'm really bad with divided attention. Nice music. A good entry for sure, well done :)

Nice gameplay, could've made the enemy ships explode though, missed opportunity. It was good and enjoyable. Well done :)

Here's mine :)

I'm not sure if I fully understood on how to play the game, it seems like an interesting take on the theme. Visuals were good. I liked the sounds too, it complemented the visual. Maybe a bit more of an explanation on what exactly needs to be done would be nice as the goal seemed a bit vague. Overall, a very good attempt :)

Nice game. Made me play it a few times as I was interested in trying out different ways to arrange the boxes to stay for as long as possible. Good job, a polished entry. I really enjoyed it.

Great game, was simple to play and quite fun too. The IJKL movement setup was out of the ordinary, but wasn't anything too weird. I enjoyed it, a good solid entry :)

Thank you so much, really does put a smile on my face :)

After being confused initially and having asked you to update your page on how to play the game, you did update it, so thank you for that. I did understand how to play the game now, but must say for sure that it is rather complex and not something that everybody necessarily would understand in the first go. Also, when you mention the level of a tile, it would be really helpful to have a guide on which color represents each level, I kept forgetting what level the tile was as I was not able to determine it from its color. You did a good job on making a game that looks simple but has a complex idea to it. Well done, I hope you enjoyed making this game and please do take part in more game jams, it is a great source of learning and enjoyment.

Nice take for the theme balance, but the game was buggy and enemies would teleport right next to me and attack me. Good attempt for sure, please do take part in more game jams. More experience results in being able to fix bugs in a short span of time. Well done and I hope you enjoyed making the game :)

Very lovely art style, and fitting sounds for it. Great take on the balance theme. It is fun to play and quite addictive. Loved it and enjoyed it a lot.

This is my favorite game so far out of all the entries, this is so well made. A very polished game, loved the sounds, animation and everything. Easy to play, hard to get a highscore. 

I really liked the art, very cute. The game was enjoyable for sure. I repeatedly pressed space and was able to stay on for almost a minute. 

Oh, well thanks for letting me know. Learning to export for mac has now been added to my list of the next few things to learn. 

Great entry, very fun to play. Really liked the bonus score with the guy bouncing further lol. Nice physics, gameplay was good too. Overall, an apt entry for the jam.

I really love the art, sounds and the overall atmosphere, very aesthetically pleasing. Nice take on the theme, truly enjoyed the game. A polished entry for sure, good job :)

The visuals look absolutely stunning. Addictive gameplay as well, made me want to play it over and over to beat my previous highscore. Job well done :)

A very fun and engaging experience. A solid entry for sure. Responsive, smooth controls. Nice art. Overall, an amazing game that very well matches the theme. 

This is the most polished entry I've seen here. Really great game, a very innovative take on the theme. Nicely done. This was very enjoyable and engaging. I'm sure this will be one of the top entries :)

Must say, this is a very solid entry, great sounds, great gamepad control. Love the art style, the gameplay is quite addicting. Tried it out with the keyboard first, if you have a gamepad certainly use it, makes the whole experience much better. Very well done, I really love the whole feel to this game.

It's all good, surely will play it again and rate it for the jam :)

Nice entry, I really liked how it was simple to play and gave the feeling of beating my previous highscore. Very well done, good take on the theme. Certainly was an enjoyable game :)

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Nice little game, surely was a bit stressful trying to keep track of the number of devils and angels on the screen. Like an other user stated, it was confusing when the a group of them left the page as it got in the way of counting how many there are on the screen currently. Nice attempt and a good take on the theme. Well done :)

Glad that you liked my take on the theme and also that the how-to-play tutorial was useful. I'm very new to using the Godot Engine, I had to spend half my time watching tutorials and learning how to use the engine while making this game and it certainly was fun creating this.

I was just complimenting you by stating that you are awe-inspiring, since you were able to create such an amazing game with great visuals in such a short span of time. It was a reference to the Keanu Reeves incident at E3 last year where he was complimented to be a breathtaking person and he returned the compliment to the audience.

Thank you, the idea came to me from a math problem my friend had asked me recently. Glad that you liked it. :)

Cool game, I got a score of 16 on the first try. Would really recommend snapping the mouse ball on to the seesaw, I accidentally took my cursor through the seesaw multiple times and ended up pushing it back in the other direction from below. Nicely done, and very apt for the theme.

Fun game, though the UI could be better to indicate what the meters exactly mean, I did figure how to use them within two minutes but still an explanation would've done better. Nice art, really liked it. Got to a few platforms and got stuck at a certain point where I just could not exactly judge the right jump. Overall, it was enjoyable.

Amazing little game! Extremely relevant to the theme. Loved it, was not able to view the leaderboard like an other user pointed out, not exactly sure what the reason is.

Great game! Initially, the game does seem a bit hard, but once you get the hang of how the camera works exactly, its relatively easier from then on. The game is very apt for the theme. Really enjoyed it, the game dev is definitely breathtaking.

Just added one, don't know if it's gonna work though, please do give it a try and let me know.

Nice game! Did not realize that there were different difficulties in the beginning and ended up playing on easy mode for around 30 mins on the first try and got a score of 1.7 million. My hands were tired after that, so did not play hard mode for a long time. Cool BGM, gameplay felt really smooth. Overall, quite an enjoyable game and good practice in aiming for anyone that plays FPS games.

I did not really understand how this game works. Would love to try it again once I get a clearer understanding on how the tiles can be made eligible to level up.