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Thank you :)

Hi comrade! The KGB password is nothing but the password you have to enter on the login screen. By default, the password is nothing, but if you want a password, you can activate it using the KGB app. You get 3 chances to change the password. And it resets everytime you launch the game.

CIA huh? You are going to the gulag anyway now XDDD

This is the first version. Right now, it deals with basic page collection and basic teleportation AI in an AR space. Will work upon the environment as soon as I get more feedback :)

Did you always want a game to truly scare you? A game which brings your ultimate nightmare to life? Then try to experience the real virtual adrenaline; Slender AR. This slender game brings the very terrifying Slenderman to life, to your own home!  Can you find the 8 pages and survive the horrifying creature pursuing you?

This project was developed as an experiment, since it's my first time working with AR. Let me know what you think :)

Project Page:

The video attached to the page is a gameplay. Please have a look :)

Yes absolutely! But you would need to tweak it to fit mobile on your own. You will need to change the player controls, like adding a joystick control, etc. Otherwise, it can be changed to fit mobile!

I was going to make a video on that. If you are still interested in learning, do check out my channel. Video will be uploaded by Monday :) 

Good luck for your journey!

Demo has been uploaded.

As of now, I can only provide demo software for Windows. I have actually never used Linux and Mac before and I don't have them, so, it's difficult for me to upload them without testing.

There's no such demo as of yet, but will be included. I would also recommend watching It's a walkthough/gameplay of the asset. 

Oh I realised that I haven't updated about my status.

So, basically I recieved a reply from the support just one day after creating this topic. As @BearWitnessGames said, they also talked about "Butler". Um.. even after reading so many topic related to it.. I don't know how to set it up and use it. 

Basically, I uploaded my 1.44gb asset.. because I realised that 1gb limit is on the website. When I downloaded the app, it allowed me to upload assets upto 2gb.. So, I got my work done.

So, now can someone help me with butler? 

Thank you for your attention :D

Thank you! I was really worried.. but thanks :D

Hi! I've basically created one asset which I want to upload on 1 October 2019. But turns out only allows 1gb of uploading space.. and my asset is 1.44gb in size.. I googled a bit, and found a reply by @leafo on a page. Here's a screenshot.

So, basically he said that:

  • Verify that you've compressed any assets you're using
  • Create a draft page with screenshots, trailer, and anything else about the project
  • Then, mail that page's link and your requirement to support

I've done everything..

  • As it's any unity asset, it's already compressed into a .unitypackage file.
  • I've a public page with trailer, and anything else about the project.
  • I've mailed the support staff.

I made everything a long time back, just mailed the team yesterday.. I just want to know.. will I get extra space? if yes, when? if no, why and where will I post it then?

Thank You!

So, recently I was checking my analytics and I noticed that I sold my 2$ asset twice and to the same person. I should get 4$, right? But when I checked the payments, I saw this:

As you can see, my project was downloaded twice, but I only recieved the payment once. Basically, the user bought my 2$ project, twice and I didn't recieve payment for the second purchase.

As you can see, the asset costs 2$.

The page:

Please look into it, and let me know what is the problem.. Cuz, I don't think this is normal.. I've recieved payments before.. so I know that it can't be normal..

Hello and welcome to my devlog! I would like to join this game jam as an opportunity to make a game I always wanted to make, but couldn't make because of the lack of knowledge.

So, I am making a Third Person Melee Combat Game called 'Game Of Gladiators'. This game is based on the gladiator fights which occured in Rome. So, it will be really simple. The player (You) will kill gladiators in the Colosseum. There are unlimited gladiators and they will come one by one or two at once. Your goal is to kill as many gladiators you can kill, no there is no time limit. You have to beat your own highscore.

Most of the models are by other artists and Mixamo. Sounds are  by other artists too. They are copyright free, so no problem. All scripting has been done by me. I wanted to use the Invector Melee Combat Asset, but couldn't as I don't have enough money plus, It actually is already a game. So, my melee combat system is inspired by Invector. I will upload the screen shot asap. Bye..


Can we create a game not related to the theme??

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Thanks! I got one idea!

Can anyone recommend any game ideas?

Hi, I'm Pratyush! I'm a 13 year old school student who is currently learning how to code. I've know JavaScript & Java pretty well, and currently I am focusing on C#, my school is teaching VBscript. I've never participated in a game jam, but I have been watching videos on them on Youtube since 2015 and wanted to try at least one this summer.

I can't really pick a favorite game. If I was to say what genres were my favorite, I would say strategy games, fighting games, and sandboxes games (Yes, I still play Minecraft).

I've have 1 year of expierence with Unity. I have used Unity to create games and assets (Check it out on my page). I also have exprience with Notepad++.

My goal for this game jam is to learn more about game development and learn how to use Unity in a better and much effiencent way.

Just a question, I am 13 and I want to join the discord server. So can I be allowed to join your server?

Can I get CSS?? Just a request..

Ok, so I don't think I am the first one who has this problem but I can be the last one who has this problem. If your model downloaded from Mixamo acts strange, basically if it's glitchy and is kind of transparent and if you don't know what to do and how to fix it, you've come to the right place! So basically Mixamo is old and many 3rd party softwares and engines have updated their fbx file type and bones... the result is they no longer read the old types correct. Mixamo works with Unity for rigging and animation but you need to configure the materials manually to make it look correct in the final package. Now, let's get into how you can fix this problem (easily)

  • Download blender, it's free!
  • Open it, once downloaded.
  • On the top left corner, click on 'File'.
  • Click on the 'Import' option and import your .fbx or .dae file.
  • Once imported, again click on 'File', but this time click on 'Export' option and export to your choice of file format.
  • Once exported, open it in Unity.
  • It should be now glitch free and should look just like it looked in Mixamo.

If it helped, please let me know.

Thanks for your time and if you get to know something, please let me know. :)

Replied on my topic 

I don't know why but I think it's all because of my payout method. As before I attached a file and had confirmed a payout method, it was getting views. But suddenly after attaching a file and confirming a payout method, it stopped getting views, which means no one can access it as I already told about the error. I am really new to uploading paid projects, so I don't know if my theory is right.

Hi! As I am not on my laptop right now, I just checked the settings using my tablet. It seems it has always been set to Public. I have attached a screenshot.

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Hi! I have uploaded this unity project (asset), it is paid and  has been published, but I can only check the page using my account, if someone else clicks the link it goes to a page saying something like "this page doesnt exist 404".

By the way, this is the link to the page:

It has all requirements: 

  • Has a cover image
  • Has a file
  • Not NSFW
  • I have a payout method selected (Collected by, paid later) and it has been 3-4 days.

I don't know what is the problem can someone help?


And also as this is my first paid project, I wanted to know that do we need to setup a payout processor? Like PayPal or Strip? I chose (Collected by, paid later).

Hi! I have uploaded this unity project (asset), it is paid and  has been published, but I can only check the page using my account, if someone else clicks the link it goes to a page saying something like "this page doesnt exist 404". I don't know what is the problem can someone help?

By the way, this is the link to the page:

Those who can't download the asset from here, because of any reason, can click on this link:

So, my question to you is.. Is it possible to make something out of this?