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This sound like an interesting jam / challenge! I am a Unity dev who use Visual Studio to write scripts in C#.

Is it possible for me to integrate Web Monetization in my game?

If yes, do you have an example of a working code I could use?

Looking forward to read your answers,

Have a nice day!


EDIT : The answer was on the jam overview page :

"General information about the Web Monetization standard can be found on the official homepage. Setup guide and project template for Defold available from the Defold manual on Web Monetization. Setup guides and project templates for other engines also exist: GodotPhaser and Unity."

You are right, I should have done both. Thanks for the feedback!

About the graphics, they are actually a reskin of "Super Platformer Assets" by FOXFIN (! I just changed colors and added a bit of expression with the eyes. I have to add it to the credits! Thanks for reminding me!

Hi, I agree there is a problem with the range of view. I realized it too late, my graphics were already made. I tried to balance it with the speed of movement and the gravity force, but it is clearly not perfect. Thx for the feedback!

Done. Thx for the suggestion!

That is awesome! Thank you very much for your hard work!

Thank you for playing and commenting!

Thanks! Glad you liked the music!

@GenghisGhan made the gorilla! I love it too!

I do agree, there is a rythm problem. Too easy and too long. The level design isn't good.

If there was more time, that was near the top in my "to do" list.


That was an amazing game!!!

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The graphist experimented a bit with shaders and post processing. So I can't respond for him.

EDIT : It is clearly not the same as in the editor. Something went wrong at the export phase.

Please, do!

I haven't thought about the laser eyes, but now that's you've said it, it seems so obvious!

The game was made for people like you! People who likes gorilla games but don't have enough gorilla games...

I wish we could cause as many destruction as in Rampage!


You are right, it does need more stuff to be a full game. Thanks for playing and commenting!


Thank you for playing and posting a video!

Sorry about the gaz station. In my heart, you DID smashed it! Multiple times!

Thanks for your comment! I'll try to polish a bit some stuffs after the rating time.


Man, I do wish you could destroy buildings too!

You are supposed to knock out all the zoo keepers, but I guess it's not communicated well enough. Thanks for your comment!

Thanks! A good chunk of the code for the third person view is from the asset "Jammo" from MixAndJam + a plugin for a freelook camera (Cinemachine).

Glad you had fun and you liked my super rushed soundtrack!

Ho those great days ... Thanks!

I actually hesitated between a giant gorilla or a regular gorilla.

Glad you enjoyed it!

More mess wanted! I wrote it down :p

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Yes they do! Also the gorilla and the zoo keepers are made by my colleagues, the town is "Simple City Pack Plain" from 255 Pixel Studios (from the unity assets store).


Oh yes! I wanted to be able to climb thing and also grab things and throw them!

Actually I'm not sure the particles assets were credited, my bad! It is "Simple FX - Cartoon Particles" from Synty Studios.

Glad you liked it! Thanks for your comment!

Me too! I wanted to be able to destroy everything and climb stuffs! Maybe too much work for 48 hours tho. Thanks for your comment!

The music was made in a little hour, didn't really have much time to edit it. So I'm happy you liked it!