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Jonathan Lorenz

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Originally I was planning on some jump mechanics but

originalIdea !=  time * mySkills

Thanks for your feedback!

Agree! Unfortunately I didn't manage to do everything I had in mind. Thanks for commenting!

You can quickly test the mechanic by pressing space to spawn a body part ( effect similiar as eating a "fruit").

I do agree, the game is too slow overall. But that's all I managed to do in the time frame. Thank you for playing and commenting! Cheers!

I did a Snake 3D too :) Yours is more polished tho.

Good work!

I think it's very original, it's not "just another jam"! Looking forward to participate!

I liked the idea but I got lost in the black void and never find the end.

I had Black Ops Zombie flashbacks! The mood of the game is awesome! Loved the haunted house set and the voices. I would have liked that the player and the bears were less bullet sponges. It would make the game more tense imho. Good work, cheers!

Hi! Thank you for your feedback, I'll let you know :) Cheers!

Genuinely funny! I restarted the game to hear the dialogues I missed. Simple but nice, good work!

I had fun trying to predict what traps were awaiting me!

Fun game, on point with the theme!


Glad you liked it! I spent a bit too much time on it...

Hi !

Thank you for your in depth feedback! Very interesting and useful!

I didn't know you could beat the game so easily, I guess it lacks QA / betatesting.

Thank you for taking the time to make a precise comment!


Instant fun!

I managed to get behind agent Smith! This game is strangely addictive!

Yeah I finished it! Challenging and rewarding! Good Job!

Bonus point for the humour!

Bonus point for the UI!

In Ninja On A Budget , you only have a single shuriken to defeat all the enemies!

So you must retrieve it from the corpses after each use... Check it out!

Indeed a checkpoint system would be welcome!

Thanks for the feedback!


I am amazed that you managed to past those four last guys! I think I needed to use more time balancing the difficulty...

Thank you for playing and commenting!