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A member registered Sep 11, 2019

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Hellooo Community,

This is the first community (and honestly only community), that I've decided to reach out to, for help in creating my game. I know of great gem developers that have come from a place like this, so I'm sure more gems are here to find. This under an NDA/Contract set for EST UP TO 9 months, so I can't say much, however, this game is both 3D and 2D simultaneously. Below are some (not all) of the potential development expectations for the game:

Experience Scope:

  • Godot(preferred) or Unity3D(discussed)
  • Custom Multiplayer & Networking (user hosted)
  • 2D pixel physics
  • Online Leaderboards
  • Experience with both 2D pixel Animation & 3D Environments
  • Experience with platforming + shooters
  • DLC and/or Code implementation
  • RnG + Random level Generation Experience
  • Screencap/In-game to Download Knowledge

Experience Pluses:

  • Ux & Ui Experience
  • Pixel Art & Gameplay Feedback

I value everyone that would ultimately be on my team, but I work a 9 to 5 and have monthly bills just like everyone else. Although, I would prefer to pay more based on what previous programmers have done, I cannot go beyond what I offer now. I'd rather be honest, than hope for “rev-share” profits:


  • $150(USD ONLY)/month via PayPal(ONLY)

This isn't the most professional project or team(laid back in all honesty), nor the most organized, but I hope we can work together to make something awesome. I'm really looking for committed people. Many have fallen short (even with pay), so I want a solid freelancer I can call friend~ God Bless.

Contact: [please mention the phrase “...your post.” or I may block you by accident]

  • Discord = pplgg#5776
  • Skype = SnappleCrapDEN