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I’m leaning towards releasing a short demo in the next couple of months. Stay tuned!

Thanks but I am focusing on a long term project for now.

Hi, I should point out that the new release is a remake of most of the original game (levels, enemies, mechanics) in order to fulfill my vision for a high quality game. This new game will play quite differently from the first, but it will still be familiar. This is why development is taking so long. I hope to get the game out there in a big way as soon as it is ready.

Anyways, I am happy to answer your questions.

1. No planned release date yet. I am hoping to get a trailer (maybe even a free demo) released in the next couple months.

2. I have not decided on a price yet but there are always other ways to get a game.

3. Easter eggs are pretty likely.

4. A level editor would be awesome, but it's not going being worked on for a while since I am focusing on the game itself.

5. Multiplayer would be even more awesome, but that would force me to rewrite a lot of code and spend even more time balancing said multiplayer once it works. I am focusing on the singleplayer experience for now.

By the way, once the trailer is out, I'll be making an official Discord server. Thanks!

Thanks for the feedback, I'll definitely be more generous with lighting and clarity in the future!

If you want to see how the (work-in-progress) version looks now,  feel free to check some of my Twitter posts. There's some ambient light, but now I might tweak it to brighten up the indoor levels.

There is a new level in the "prototype" v0.3.0 using some unique enemies and other content. The original was made during Ludum Dare game jam, and has less content.

I was initially planning to continue expanding the prototype, but I am now working on a completely reworked full release of the game. Eventually there will be some more info about that. Thanks for your interest!

I haven't heard an issue like that before,  it must be a graphical problem. I would recommend downloading the standalone game if it is having issues rendering in the browser.  Change the graphical preset to something different if that doesn't help. Sorry for the trouble!

Nope, the launcher weapon is planned for the full version that I am working on.

No, the full version is not finished yet.

Unfortunately, Unity only builds standalones for Windows, Mac, and Linux, so as far as I can see, a downloadable Chromebook build will be out of my ability.

Thank you! The full game is still on its way :)

I was trying some different backgrounds, messed up the resolution. Should be fixed.

That isn't supposed to happen, maybe something is going wrong with the browser version. The downloadable version is much more stable!

1. I am not sure yet

2-3. Browser support is not planned

4. Sure

5. I plan to make an official Discord server

6. Gif

7. Not sure yet

8. Multiplayer is not planned (this would make development even slower)

9. Easter Eggs will appear

10. A level editor is not planned but is desired!

  1. I do not plan to make the game free.
  2. The game is not close to being finished, but I would give it another year.
  3. Don't worry, I'm glad you're interested!
  4. The game "style" is subject to change, but the animated .gif photos represent what I've been working on with the game.
  5. I don't mind the questions. News has been slow recently but it will pick up again when I've made more progress.


Sorry about that! I will be sure to add better control options for the full release I'm working on.

The revolver and all other new content you see on the page are a work-in-progress for the full release of Enchain, so yes the revolver is in testing.

There is no official Discord server yet. I'm flattered you took the time to make one, that's super cool!

Wow that's awesome! I've rarely seen anyone use the shortcut on level 0. Congrats on a solid speedrun, and thanks for playing!

Wow awesome! Thanks for playing

Pretty fun to weave around enemies and take single shots. Smoothing out the reorientation of the camera after shooting and possessing would make it feel great. Cool entry!

The one button design is pretty nice! I just wish the double tapping felt less arbitrary. Great entry.

Funny use of the theme! My only suggestion is to avoid the white-box death-walls because I felt like I didn't have time to charge up a boost whenever they popped up. Good entry overall.

The frog's canonical name is Freggo if you get to it, thanks for this thread!

Pretty, fun! I liked how the returning mechanic was hidden for the player to find out.

Great puzzles designs and use of the theme. The last challenge was sufficiently challenging but still balanced.

I loved it, perfect difficulty curve and teaching of mechanics. Fun challenges too! It's great how you have to think on your toes as the chicken is following your path.

I never knew I wanted such a relaxing, peaceful typing game like this to improve my skills on.

Funny interpretation of the theme! I also loved the damage indication, it felt really good. My only comment is that the idea isn't used to change up the usual cycle of leveling up and increasing damage output. Fun game though!

A nice little game! I felt like it boiled down to just waiting to thrust at the right time, then going around the occasional asteroid. Not sure how to fix that, though. I had fun with the one-button inertia gameplay anyways!

Fun concept and clean art! It might have just been me but the stabbing felt a bit too delayed... it would probably feel more responsive without a thrust animation.

Really fun and addicting to optimize times! The wonky physics are a highlight.

Fun! The collision was a bit buggy, but you have a great concept.

Cannot play because the download is just the .exe file, you need to upload a .zip of the whole Unity build folder

Thanks! I agree that it is very hard to beat the 100 point goal.

In levels you should be able to use + and - on the keyboard to change sensitivity.

Wow, I'm super glad you liked it! Full release is still in the works.

It must be a bug I missed, thanks for commenting. I might have changed something last minute that broke that trigger, but you should still be able to move on to Lvl 2 if you haven't. Glad you enjoyed!