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We are going to create a new collection when we have new music packs. This collection will keep like this. Sorry for the confusion with the "growing" in the product description. We will change it to clarify better.



These ones are not included, they will be included in a future SFX Bundle

Thanks for letting me know! 

The attribution page is okay :)

Hey, thanks for your idea, it's a very good one. I will do this pack soon :)

The most similar pack we have right now online is:


It's a pack for people that is starting to put sound to their game, it's like a recopilation of some sounds made by me.

Oh :)

Thank you!

By the way, if you are interested in regular discounts on my packs, mabe you can be intereted on my patreon:

Hello, this pack contains the sounds of Footsteps Volume 01 and Footsteps Volume 02 + new ones (robot and monster footsteps). If you buy the 2 volumes separatly it has a cost of 19,5$ while this pack has a cost of 14,75$, so you can save a bit of money.

If you have bought Footsteps volume 01 or 02 and you want to upgrade to this one, you can contact me and we can sort it out.


Contact me at: and I give you a discount

Good idea, maybe in the future we do it hehe


I sent you "Children Game Music"

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Hello, this pack is not included in the bundle because we released this after releasing the bundle. Regards!

Hello, sorry for the confusion.

The pack "Children Game Music" is not included because it was published after this collection. Anyway, if you buy this collection I will sent you for free the "Children Game Music" pack. Again, sorry for the confusion.

Happy you like it! 


Yes, you can create your own variations if you are the only one to use them. Only condition would be to don't resell them. 

Thanks for pointing this out, I will clarify it on the descriptions.

Now it's solved. Regards!

Sent you a mail. Regards!


Hello, can you please contact me at and we will find a quick solution to your problem. 


Glad you find it useful, any doubt you could have, please tell us. Regards!


Yes it is, but the tracks inside the pack "RPG Fantasy Music Pack Volume 2" are inside other packs like "RPG Battle Themes" "Cave Background Music" "Tavern Music". 

So, in this collection there's all the music we've created. You can choose to get it separately pack by pack, or via this collection which can be more economic that buying it separately.


Sorry, but I don't sell the songs separately.



- Yes, you can edit the SFX to adapt them better for your game.

- I'm very sorry about the bug in the Hit_Harvest sounds, I will now edit the .ZIP with this fixed. I'll notify you when it's ready.