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Thank you! That's great to hear! :)

Thank you very much! We're glad you liked it!
We are thinking of making something similar (maybe a more polished remake of sorts, or a game in the same universe, or something like that) in the future, but no concrete plans as of yet :)

Thank you! Glad to hear it :)

Thank you! We would love to expand on the idea as well! No concrete plans as of yet, but it's certainly a possibility at some point in the future :)

I used Streamlabs to record my developer commentary playthrough. If game/window capture doesn't work, display capture certainly should (that's what I used).


Sorry to hear that! Sadly as game jam game, there was not much time to  worry about optimizing performance (or adding graphics options) :/

There is no way to change the resolution, but the game should automatically stretch to fit your screen vertically (the aspect ratio is always 4:3).

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Thank you! It's great to see that people are enjoying it.
We have talked about making an expanded remake of sorts at some point in the future, but since it's only an idea at this point, we can't really give any details.

Thank you, that means a lot! Thanks for playing :)

Thank you! :)

Thank you very much! Glad you enjoyed it!
We have talked about making a longer, more polished game based on the same idea, but no concrete plans yet! It was really fun to make this, so it's possible we will do something like that at some point in the future. Even if we don't, many ideas from this game will most likely carry over to some of our other future projects in some way.

Thank you, thanks for playing! :)

I'm glad you could get through it the second time. Thanks for sticking with it!
And thank you for the information! I already took a look,  couldn't find the cause for the bug yet, but I'll keep looking :)


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Thank you, that's awesome to hear!
I'm fine with giving away the conditions for each ending, but I'd rather not do it here in case people who are about to play read the comments and don't want to see that information :)

(If you're interested, you can ask me on Twitter, or by email: )


Hi! Thanks for playing and thanks for the bug report! I'm sorry you're having trouble. The screen should fade into a short cutscene, then transition back.
To clarify, is this the shrine/altar on top of the large tree stump? Are you playing the jam version, or 1.0.1.?

Thank you very much! :)

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I had some problems with getting the aspect ratio to work so it doesn't stretch (since it's 4:3), so as a quick fix I made it full screen only. You should be able to alt+tab out of the game, but unfortunately I'm not sure if minimizing is possible at the moment.
I'm working on a bug fix update (should be uploaded later tonight), I'll see if I can make it possible!


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Thank you! If you didn't already try the other ending, I would suggest closing the game completely before playing again. Players have noticed some bugs when you play the game again from the main menu after credits. I'm working on a post-jam bug fix update, which I'll hopefully release tomorrow.
(edit: version 1.0.1. is now available for download)


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Thank you very much, I'm glad you liked it! It was cool seeing you play! You had some great observations.

About all of the ghosts being robed dudes: it was simply for time reasons (I only had so much time to dedicate to modeling and animating, and I didn't want to use the player model, or the girl). Shortcuts and/or checkpoints are a bit sparse for the same reason.

As for the graphics question you posed near the start of the stream: for this game, I absolutely started by wanting to make PS1-style graphics. I have always loved the look of the games of that era, and I think it's especially suitable for horror-themed games, because more can be left to imagination :)


Plead with the Mountain God is a somber dark fantasy/horror-themed platformer made for the Haunted PS1 Summer of Screams Jam.

Survive the perilous climb and plead with the mountain god to resurrect your beloved.


  • Climb the ancient towers built to reach an age-old god.
  • Collect "hearts", the essence of those that came before you, in an effort to appease the god.
  • Talk to people who have decided to stay at the mountain.
  • Pray for the mountain god's favor and receive his gifts.

Play it for free here:


And a bonus ps1-style cover!

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Thank you! I never expected it to become so grand either, that's why I was barely able to finish it in time :D
I was actually just looking at Animals in Buildings. Will definitely want to try it out :)


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No jump scares, no enemies even (unless you count platforming challenges and death by falling). Just a grim world, and a couple of scenes that you could consider body horror. It's more about the bleak atmosphere and a simple (but hopefully effective) story than trying to make you jump out of your seat.
I actually added a 'no-jumpscares' tag based on your question, since I think a lot of people would be interested in that information when it comes to horror games :)