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Use this threads to post links to libraries, resources, tutorials, etc.

Posting your own basecode and libraries is encouraged!

Feel free to use this thread to post any progress screenshots here (once the jam starts).

It'd be great to see what you're working on!

Tjakka5 and I thank you all for your reviews and the feedback you have given us!

This jam really stressed the hell out of us the first two days, we had an idea that we couldn't pull through, the idea was overscoped and possibly perfectionism took a toll on us.

The really supportive LÖVE community really gave us a reason to move forward with this and on the last day we created this small game mechanic and juicied it up till we felt comfortable with it.

Now with this ratings and all the amazing comments you left we are really proud of having stayed till the end even if it wasn't the idea we had at first. We are really happy of having participated and compete with all the amazing games around here!

Wow really awesome game, so challenging, so many different powers and enemies, it felt really good... too bad that the guys you protect always move to where the attack is, I would like it if I could ignore attacks that are not directed specifically to one of the good guys

I loved the general idea of the game, and the mouse as a weapon and transportation control was great, the graphics were good, I consider there is room for improvement in that area, like spicying the rooms or distinguishing enemies for example, also the music was a little low, compared to sounds but that's not a big deal.

Overall I really enjoyed it, and for a jam it's a great game!

I'll definitely will give this a second try and rate it again, thanks for the detailed explanation!

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Alright thanks for the feedback! We are already trying to fix the first one, as for the second, that's probably a death hahaha we'll keep investigating these :)

Hope you enjoyed it!

Well nothing that can't be improved in a near future ;D keep it up

No I meant, that I read that stuff and didn't finish understanding what I had to protect and how, or at which stage I was (to activate the shield) I always end up dying for some reason, not sure how to make progress.

Yeah you should really port it to that handheld someday and post images of it over here! And of course sounds can come after

Hey pretty good entry, I really liked the graphics, with the controls screen and such, too bad it doesn't have some punchy music to go with it (but not so big of a deal)

The gameplay got repetitive after a while but the mechanic does feel good

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Hey! I made a pretty similar game like 4 years ago and never posted it, I really like your approach on consuming the orbs, and the pace is pretty good.

Graphics for circular scaling patterns are hard, but you should totally work on that area in the future (same with sound effects)

Thank you! They are mostly programmed graphics ;D with a bunch of effects on top haha

It would be great to hear what the physics issue was so that we could fix it in the future, thanks in advance for that

Thanks for your feedback, we are currently searching how to fix that issue, and will probably update the entry after the rating period ends

Haha this game is pretty good! Those assets are pretty well done and the top down mechanic, although common you got them right, I didn't like the wave system much though, it's impossible to keep up, specially if you need to reload... but overall I liked it

Really fun little game, you went with a pretty common mechanic, yet the waves are pretty fun, I really liked the hand drawn assets for the keys and mouse!

Hey pfirsich, this will be a great game, you should totally keep improving on it, the mechanics are amazing and makes you get in that stealth mood hahaha.

I didn't really like the controls, like it felt weird to play it with one hand in such complicated positions, but that's not much of a deal

This game is hilarious, I loved the weird assets and the sound effects, the gameplay is pretty repetitive though... I know you were doing something even greater, too bad it couldn't happen

I didn't really get the idea of the game, or how to play... you went for a weird aesthetic, I don't dislike it, but it really does lack some proper tutorial to play (and some sounds, but that's not big of a deal)

I hope you can explain it to me and play again before the rating period ends!

You nailed that programmer art! And it feels so good to play this, it's a little repetitive, but I believe that's just a level design problem. Definetly needs sound! I hope you keep working on it

PS: +10 for putting extra work on your game page!

Great game, I really loved the aesthetics and gameplay, that little issue of dropping the key in the water/lava is a little bit sad but overall, it's  a great entry!

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I'm thinking of making an aventure game. I'm wondering if adding a textbox with no additional información would be out of the spirit of the jam.

Also can I provide external tools in order to decode and encode data transmited by the game. I think this is not in the spirit of the jam. But it will make things easier and fun for some players