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Ok thank you eggnog! :D

The music is goes with the game really well and the music is fun and happy◑﹏◐

This game is sooooooooo adorable and fun to play.... :3

So with the browser version will I be able to play it?

Well I don't really know if i'm using Window but I know i'm not using Mac but the device i'm on is a Chromebook and also thanks for replying pretty quickly. :D 

I'm new to this site and this looks like a really fun game and this is probably a very stupid question but once you download it  how do u  start playing it???

I'm new to this website and this is a stupid question to ask but I downloaded it and it downloaded fine but how do I start playing the game once I download it?? It seems like a really good game though :D

I just found out about this website and I saw this game so I decided to try it out and it is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO adorable. :3 duckies

this game is strange but I like it for some reason lmao

I absolutely love this game. It makes me really happy and brings my mood up \(^.^)/