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L + It doesn't say that message anywhere???

I'm not Ukrainian myself, but I really appreciate the effort put forth in this message. I don't wish to represent the way citizens in a different country feel, but it seems pretty shitty no matter where you come from.

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death to the fairies?

As a free game this makes a fun time-passer but you're over here charging money for Spelunkyn't? I feel like this game would've fit better just being a free passion project instead of a full-blown game.

Also it would've been nice to have the items in the demo as well, if they do exist I never came across one which might be it's own issue in rarity.

This game does do movement well, and I didn't stumble on a single bug, so the game has a few things going for it.

So much in fact, here's my overly long complicated AND intrusive list of suggestions

ITEMS - The items don't feel solid enough, they're abstract symbols with names representing the upgrade. I think items should represent more physical objects. For example: More Speed becoming Rabbit's Foot, and the symbol looking like a rabbit's paw.

ENEMIES - Enemies feel too cheap at the moment, the big frogs in particular feel like a level 2 only enemy due to their bullet speed which I think should be slowed. The level 1 enemies are already tough as nails but the level 2 enemies are nuts and deserve a serious nerf. 

ENEMY PROJECTILES - I dedicated a topic to this due to how improved this system could be, the flower enemies use a little red marker for their projectiles which makes the red marks look like a damaging puddle. The flower enemies could have a blue or yellow shadow that moves with the projectile, while the projectile could have a glowing aura around it.

Basically, this game could be genius with a few polishes and changes. I love the gameplay and progression. I have a few more smaller issues like the dynamic ammo presents when there's so many enemies but those aren't a big deal at the moment. 8/10

The presentation really takes the cake here, but I won't be the first to say the gameplay can be a bit unforgiving at times, the books and hiding mechanics are unique and could be improved and expanded upon, the enemy variety could be given the same treatment too. The music would have to be the biggest takeaway this slaps 7/10

An absolute blast, almost everything I'm looking for in a roguelike. I've beaten the game about 4 or 5 times now and it doesn't get old. A wide variety of strategies to play with the wide variety of weapons, multiple upgrades to carry you through the journey, and a tough, unique boss to top it off! I have almost 0 problems with this game.

With that said,

problems: The knockback upgrade seems useless as enemies aren't... you know... knocked back, and the bullet bat is next to awful.

I tend to write reviews more often when I'm on the salty side, let me mention a few positives now that I'm cooled down. Forging a path with the rocket launcher is a ton of fun and you can never go wrong with climbing a tower. Thinking ahead of enemies is super rewarding when you begin to earn more and more powerups. And when you finally do reach that point of being decked out it feels great. Instead of "mediocre game" I should have said tons of potential for an awesome roguelite.

I also had fun figuring out you could place and delete blocks after that review, and made swarmbug a nice little home out of bounds.

Reached floor 15 with Rollerpig, as well as level 8, I think the game is far too repetitive to ever visit more than once and by level 10 I was having thoughts about moving on, the characters are very unbalanced (Ratbone being very incompetent) but they basically function as different difficulty levels now which is fine. The only incentive to replay is to find gold and unlock every character but I managed to get more than enough gold in one run and still have some leftover, if there were buffs, armor, or weapons to find I believe I would have played more than two runs but as the game is currently: An above mediocre rogue-lite with little to no depth and good controls. Play once.

Mediocre game from my POV, the difficulty is so high that you never get to see yourself with more than one buff or item at a time, and the games too short to ever become skilled at it. The walljump controls made the final level a pain to play, I was hoping for more. I quit after losing to the final boss, due to how much of a chore reaching him is.

Make the walljump less clingy, make the character move way faster, and lower the difficulty a ton.