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Found a review on jayisgames.com and decided to do a playthrough myself. What a fun and joyful game!

There's a lot of depth for a "simple" premise that this game has. I'm highly impressed!

And Part 3

Here's part 2

I know I missed it and all, but my Poofarians finally convinced me to jump on the bandwagon, so here we go..

About a year ago I promised to let's play this game. I never had the quality of let's play to start this, until now. I apologize for the long wait, but I think I'm secure enough to unleash this into the world.

Holy moly! This was such a great surprise

Unbelievable! This game really caught me off-guard and grew and grew and grew! If this isn't a winner, I don't know what is. 

So me and my buddies from LPUniversity made this game our challenge game this week. Oh boy, this game is evil...

No worries, I still enjoyed playing it!

I played the browser version in Chrome

Good to hear that, glad I could be of help too! And what a fun-fact to know that the Island was called Monuriki, but.. how do you pronounce it?

I liked this game a lot! Wow, the shear pleasure it gave me was amazing. Good job!

I really liked the game a lot, but what has it to do with Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom?

Now that's a fun game!

A fun little game toy that will help you relax while you get overflowed with nostalgia

Great graphics, wonderful soundtrack, perfect controls...

A tiny tad laggy on my end, but that's because my laptop does that when I play games on fullscreen in combination with OBS. Overall, a very good game!

Confusing at first, since I didn't know what to do, but once I've figured that out it was quite a nice tool to fiddle with. I really liked the famous 5 note tune that's in there. It brought back memories.

Sadly, my laptop wasn't up for the gorgeous graphics this game has. It turned out a little bit laggy, I really wished there was a windowed option, so that wouldn't be an issue. But still, I really enjoyed the game, it's fully fleshed out, the platforming was great, wall-jumping a bit tedious but the soundtrack made up for that. And that last area... gravity defying!

Yes, Uma Thurman! My mind was boggled yesterday so I couldn't figure out her name. And I'm pretty stoked that I got the Crazy 88's right! It's been a very long time since I've seen the movie.

The perfect scene to make a game of. I liked this very much

I really enjoyed playing this game, cute visuals, wonderful soundtrack, simple but fun gameplay.

Oh man, this game does not only bring back memories, it creates new ones too! A group of small youtubers has been challenging eachother to see how far they could get, this is my playthrough

This turned out to be the biggest challenge I did with my YouTube buddies. Not only did a lot of people participate, but the challenge was real...

This is exactly what I needed in my life. A perfectly balanced out difficulty curve and an awesome soundtrack + visuals. I love it! 

Short, but promising. I can really imagine this game turning out into a fully fleshed out game with several levels you have to conquer. This is the first time I've seen a concept like this and I really enjoyed playing it!

I'm certainly looking forward to that!

This game is way too short. I did not want it to end! The art-style, the clever use of sounds, the complete atmosphere..

This is an amazing game! It brings back a lot of nostalgia memories and the use of CGA colors is done very smart. A tad short to my liking, but it shows a lot of potential for future installments.

My playthrough:

I challenged two of my buddies to beat my score, but what's with the frame drops?

My good friend Alex from Change Arcade challenged me to get a better highscore, his was 247.600. Mine, a little bit more

Are you kidding me? This is one of the best games ever!

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These are the games why I love doing what I'm doing! Holy hell, what a ride!

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37 days ago I said I was going to LP this, and I did! It just took awhile for the series to be published, but here's part 1

Who knew that acting like a dick could be so much fun?

thank you very much, it was a real treat to play this game. Keep up the amazing work!

Wow, who would expect to find such a gem here? I really liked playing this game! The art, the audio, the humor, it was all spot on

Well, this made me giggle a lot. It brings back so many memories, and I'm not talking about the cars.

This really gave me exactly what I needed!
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