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And Part 3

Here's part 2

I know I missed it and all, but my Poofarians finally convinced me to jump on the bandwagon, so here we go..

About a year ago I promised to let's play this game. I never had the quality of let's play to start this, until now. I apologize for the long wait, but I think I'm secure enough to unleash this into the world.

Holy moly! This was such a great surprise

Unbelievable! This game really caught me off-guard and grew and grew and grew! If this isn't a winner, I don't know what is. 

So me and my buddies from LPUniversity made this game our challenge game this week. Oh boy, this game is evil...

No worries, I still enjoyed playing it!

I played the browser version in Chrome

Good to hear that, glad I could be of help too! And what a fun-fact to know that the Island was called Monuriki, but.. how do you pronounce it?

I liked this game a lot! Wow, the shear pleasure it gave me was amazing. Good job!

I really liked the game a lot, but what has it to do with Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom?

Now that's a fun game!

A fun little game toy that will help you relax while you get overflowed with nostalgia

Great graphics, wonderful soundtrack, perfect controls...

A tiny tad laggy on my end, but that's because my laptop does that when I play games on fullscreen in combination with OBS. Overall, a very good game!

Confusing at first, since I didn't know what to do, but once I've figured that out it was quite a nice tool to fiddle with. I really liked the famous 5 note tune that's in there. It brought back memories.

Sadly, my laptop wasn't up for the gorgeous graphics this game has. It turned out a little bit laggy, I really wished there was a windowed option, so that wouldn't be an issue. But still, I really enjoyed the game, it's fully fleshed out, the platforming was great, wall-jumping a bit tedious but the soundtrack made up for that. And that last area... gravity defying!

Yes, Uma Thurman! My mind was boggled yesterday so I couldn't figure out her name. And I'm pretty stoked that I got the Crazy 88's right! It's been a very long time since I've seen the movie.

The perfect scene to make a game of. I liked this very much

I really enjoyed playing this game, cute visuals, wonderful soundtrack, simple but fun gameplay.

Oh man, this game does not only bring back memories, it creates new ones too! A group of small youtubers has been challenging eachother to see how far they could get, this is my playthrough

This turned out to be the biggest challenge I did with my YouTube buddies. Not only did a lot of people participate, but the challenge was real...

This is exactly what I needed in my life. A perfectly balanced out difficulty curve and an awesome soundtrack + visuals. I love it! 

Short, but promising. I can really imagine this game turning out into a fully fleshed out game with several levels you have to conquer. This is the first time I've seen a concept like this and I really enjoyed playing it!

I'm certainly looking forward to that!

This game is way too short. I did not want it to end! The art-style, the clever use of sounds, the complete atmosphere..

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This is an amazing game! It brings back a lot of nostalgia memories and the use of CGA colors is done very smart. A tad short to my liking, but it shows a lot of potential for future installments.

My playthrough:

I challenged two of my buddies to beat my score, but what's with the frame drops?

My good friend Alex from Change Arcade challenged me to get a better highscore, his was 247.600. Mine, a little bit more

Are you kidding me? This is one of the best games ever!

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These are the games why I love doing what I'm doing! Holy hell, what a ride!

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37 days ago I said I was going to LP this, and I did! It just took awhile for the series to be published, but here's part 1

Who knew that acting like a dick could be so much fun?

thank you very much, it was a real treat to play this game. Keep up the amazing work!

Wow, who would expect to find such a gem here? I really liked playing this game! The art, the audio, the humor, it was all spot on

Well, this made me giggle a lot. It brings back so many memories, and I'm not talking about the cars.

This really gave me exactly what I needed!
Video review:

My video review, it says it all

It seems to me that the traps are randomly generated? Because in some area's, it's nearly impossible to pass through without taking damage. My video review: