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I'm certainly looking forward to that!

This game is way too short. I did not want it to end! The art-style, the clever use of sounds, the complete atmosphere..

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This is an amazing game! It brings back a lot of nostalgia memories and the use of CGA colors is done very smart. A tad short to my liking, but it shows a lot of potential for future installments.

My playthrough:

I challenged two of my buddies to beat my score, but what's with the frame drops?

My good friend Alex from Change Arcade challenged me to get a better highscore, his was 247.600. Mine, a little bit more

Are you kidding me? This is one of the best games ever!

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These are the games why I love doing what I'm doing! Holy hell, what a ride!

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37 days ago I said I was going to LP this, and I did! It just took awhile for the series to be published, but here's part 1

Who knew that acting like a dick could be so much fun?

thank you very much, it was a real treat to play this game. Keep up the amazing work!

Wow, who would expect to find such a gem here? I really liked playing this game! The art, the audio, the humor, it was all spot on

Well, this made me giggle a lot. It brings back so many memories, and I'm not talking about the cars.

This really gave me exactly what I needed!
Video review:

My video review, it says it all

It seems to me that the traps are randomly generated? Because in some area's, it's nearly impossible to pass through without taking damage. My video review:

This game surprised me, as it was a lot more than I'd expected it to be. The art, music and plot balance was top-notch.

My video review:

The first xkcd GameJam game I will play!

I always thought museums were a bit eerie, and this game only agrees with that point of view.


This is a pretty neat take on the relationship between a developer and his creation. Loved it!


I was really intrigued, the protagonist seems very innocent, almost a bit dumb. But wow, that twist...


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This is definitely something I'm going to LP!