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Thanks for your comment! 

That's awesome to have feedback from a geneticist! 

I totally agree with you that I need te redone the way the machines work. Actually I came up whit the radiation machine near the end of the jam, which left not a lot of time to think about it. 

Anyway, I really appreciate to hear that my concept has potential for a teaching aid! It motivates me to start working actively on it! 

Thank you for the feedback! 

I aggree with you on the fact that my game needs to introduce its mechanics more gradually, one by one. Especially, if it become a serious game! 

I'm happy to hear that my concept has potential for a serious game, that's great! 

Concerning the theme, the goal was to get only one set of caracteristics and not one monster. The theme is maybe not at the center of the gameplay. 

Anyway, thank you again! 

I really enjoy your game ! The levels were funny to overcome, not too hard, but not too easy either !
Maybe, it could help to add a visible line of sight, especially when the shot needs to be precise.

Your game tricks our habits by shooting in the opposite direction of where the ship is going. That's was surprising !
I definitively see this game becoming a multiplayer one !

A great mechanic that makes this game a great puzzle/shooter ! I really enjoyed the fact that you need to trick the enemies by passing outside their line of sight in order to shoot them. Talking about line of sight, it could be interesting to make it visible.
Great job !

I've always appreciated the WarioWare games! Your game add a great twist to this type of game with the need to choose the action before doing it !
It could be very interesting to see a full game with more mini-games, and possibly more actions

A really Zen and unusual experience ! And well executed on top of that (except maybe that the change of font can be unfair sometimes).
However, it's more like a one shot experience rather than a proper game. But that's why game jam exists, to allow that type of unusual experience. Great job !

A perfect game for a game jam ! Fun, short, and unusual !
And your understanding of the theme is very clever with this "only one finger to do everything"
Great job !

Nice proposal for a snake game ! The controls are great when we are used to it !
However, the collisions with the walls feel odd sometimes, and I'm not really sure how the theme fit with your game...

I like the fact that you approach the theme in two ways : Having only one bullet, and only allowed to either shoot or walk.
It's sad that the execution of this ideas is not so good :/ The controls are effective, but the enemies are way too random in their spawning. And it becomes confused when they hit you...
However, i'm sure it could became a really good shooting game with time and work !

The concept can be amazing in a full horror/shooting game. Not seeing the monsters is always a good way to bring fear ^^

The concept is interesting, but I'm too bad at shooting games xD
However, I think the camera should be closer to the main character in order to do more precise shot. And the appearance of the phantoms will be a little scarier !

This idea of one jump per screen can make a really good game of puzzle/plateform !
However, I don't know if it's something I didn't understand, but I feel that most of the jumps seems impossible to make...

Well, I'm too bad for this type of games, but I really like the concept !
Switching between being the one that can be killed, and the one that killed brings tension and a sense of power !
Also, the arts and sounds are lovely !

Congratulation for this concept ! It works really well ! Using hearing instead of eyesight is refreshing !

That's a really cool concept ! I totally see a complete game centered around this idea !
There is a lack of information though. It could be cool to have informations about where are our clones, and when will they disapear.
Great job !

This story and its realization carried me away ! Well done ! Thanks for this moment :)

I really enjoy this ! A Simple yet effective idea, nicely executed ! Great job !

That was "When", the 29th one ^^ I saw in the comment that it was already found ^^

(Ça m'amuse de me dire qu'on parle en anglais alors qu'on parle potentiellement tous les deux français ^^ )

Thank you very much for your comment ! I'm happy that my prototype can have potential :D

Thank you for your feedback :D

I admit that finding what's going on with the genetics of those monsters can be hard if you're not in my head xD
I should have explained how the genes work ^^ But I also wanted the player to feel like a researcher who need to mull the genetics over in order to find out by himself what's going on !

Sorry for the colors, I frankly don't know why the colors don't appears, I was using Construct 2 and I don't master it really well xD

Anyway, thank you for your feedback ! I'm happy that you felt interested ! It was one of my goal, to make the player feels like a researcher, who wants to understand how all of this genetics works !

And your pseudo is the half of 42, which is halfway to the meaning of life, and that's pretty cool xD

Thank you :D
I know that understanding the genes can be difficult if your not in my head ^^.
I wanted the player to find by himself how the genes work together. However, because I also wanted the player to build one specific phenotype, it made the game way more confusing than what I wanted.
With hindsight, I should have done levels or tutorials to teach to the player how the genes work, before the puzzles.
Thanks for your feedback ! It confirms my thoughts on this issue :D

Incredible idea ! I like the mystical atmosphere :D
That's really cool to have done a multiplayer cooperative experience that go beyond the game itself ! Great Job !

That was funny :D
What's really cool is that you "Mark"-ified really every things from all the menus, to the sound !
This is this type of experimental/WTF games that makes the game jams so enjoyable !

Amazing ! The combo mechanic is so cool !

Great job with this game ! The art is amazing !
I love the fact that each enemy has a pattern that we need to understand in order to defeat it!
It's like a minimalist Punch-out ! And that's very cool :D

Best one dimension game so far for me ! Really like all the different little mecanics !
It's so relaxing, congratulation on the art and music !

Too hard for me, but it's an amazing game ! The way we have to use the weapon feels incredible !

Your game is very enjoyable to play ! Killing the enemies or fleeing the enemies is very satisfactory ! 
There is also a really good feedback with all the animation, sounds, and shiver.

Great idea ! What's clever is that the levels want us to jump all the time. It forces us to think differently to reach the goal !
Love the Game Boy aspect of this game !
But I think, it's strange to start all over when we die. I think it's better when we can restart from the level we failed.

The art and music are great ! The environment feels mysterious ! The pickaxe system is interesting. However, having to move the character and use the pickaxe with the same hand (due to the keys) is unpleasant, especially when you have to do multiple actions at once to do a jump. Also, the pickaxe could have multiple use, instead of just clinging to the walls.

Great Time Mechanic ! It's funny to change age to unlock the different paths ! Also, congratulation for the artstyle ! I love all the little details ! The World feels full of life !

Fascinating game. It's joyful to see all this little creatures gamboling. Pretty simple mechanic, but playing with the distance make it deeper !

Good puzzles ! I like the fact that you have to plan precisely which plug at which time you want it to be powered ! However, Rob is maybe too sensitive, but we can deal with it after all ^^

The characters were pretty funny ! Like the writing ! However I feel that the theme "only one" is not at the center of your game. It's more a pretext to start the story. Nevertheless, I have a fun time :D

That was amazing ! Love the concept, and the levels are cleverly designed ! 

Fresh approach on the runner genre ! It's pleasant to do one action after another rapidly ! Plus the graphics and animations are nice !

Simple but efficient concept ! Love the wall jump level. Each level gets its own idea, that's pretty cool.
+1 for the tips that appear when the platforms disappear !