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Awesome game, maybe reduce MC's body size or increase Avalon and Dallas's body frame

Amazing game!!! Just leave a note to players to play every mode ( harem, romance.....)

I keep a backup of saves and delete the app after playing , so everytime it is a fresh install and then i copy the saves to the installed directory. 

Did so with sisterly lust everytime and never had a i doing something wrong?

Can't load previously saved files for Android , same thing happened with the 2nd version .

So weird and such absurd bullshit with peter and all those scenes , lame character 

Hope there aren't more things like these , it should be optional to choose between Peter scenes

Excellent game , Katherine ( psychologist ) scenes were amazing 

Non taboo version of Android ? Or is there any console command dor that ..?

Can't download , always


Hello , as usual awesome ep2 . Couldn't use my previous save files after copying them in the new installed folder . 

Tried to load those files in the previous version too(reinstalling again) but that was also unsuccessful . 

It would get difficult if we have to do it for every episode 

Platform - android


Swipe 2 fingers down .. click the soul  crystal and you will understand 

So we don't to worry about saving files for the next update ?

Yea I can't find the folder where the game gets installed , need to save the files for the next version ... Anyone figure that out ?

Why reply to yourself i think the sword wielding dick chopper is the futa 

amazing gameplay and content improvement in nsfw scenes is great .

I.ll surely support once i earn something