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It's giving an error and starting a new game, there's no timeskip.... Is it due to the new renpy version (7.4)?? Or am i missing something?

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ask airi to make momoko be alone in the living room.. how to do this? Also I can't find any book to read (although i am progressing in the main story line..)

What is season finale exactly, will the story settings Change or is this the end of the game?

Ohk, no I meant is it ok to skip pool? I don't want that Jack content.. it won't hinder the main story line, right?

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The game looks wonderful!! I I want to play full game (on android) but the subtitles bar is really hugeee and is blocking visuals and also can't hide it...  Since you won't work on android is there any way to change that?

I will try and see if that's possible.. 

Absolutely amazing!! Takes a bit of time to understand the scope but then easy to carry on, you feel the journey and earning.

One thing not sure of is the opacity of options (Android) - dull white which can be tweaked maybe...?

Few questions,  1) How to fish exactly with that red box 2) çan I keep on skipping pool content with Michelle/Lisa

3) No opt to take Michelle shopping (opt for lisa there but not corrupt enough) and and same with Lisa to swim...?

4) where to use spa? 

Absolutely amazing!!!

Don't know if your no offence is sarcastic but you are right, haha maybe i just wish it was like that. But a lot of people don't feel like that so it's fine.

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Short but nice!! those easter egg paintings and messages at the end including several creators... You have a wonderful team!!!

Which religion/belief/spiritual school inspired the skull thing and the whole main plot ?

Yep on mobile, disabling that naming option would certainly help. No problem, I'll reach out to you through discord.

Hello perveteer, looking forward for the update as always.
Just a problem that till now, whenever I try to save the game I sort of need to be exact in pressing the save button as it gets overlapped by the keyboard for entering  ave name.
Like - save - (qs u click on the slot, straight way keyboard pops up and then the tick/ok doesn't work, so you need to press the back button from mobile and quickly click or save button in the transition)

If anyone else has faced his problem do reply, Is this individual device problem or common one?

Hey there, no offence but maybe you can make the little girls like in avalon or just probably increase body frame and face more mature.... currently it just gives a weird vibe .

Anyway up to you, the game's a blast though!

I thought this game was over as your first and 'penny for your thoughts' would start and stopped visiting this page. Surprise! Anyway what happened about that game?

Awesome game, maybe reduce MC's body size or increase Avalon and Dallas's body frame

Amazing game!!! Just leave a note to players to play every mode ( harem, romance.....)

I keep a backup of saves and delete the app after playing , so everytime it is a fresh install and then i copy the saves to the installed directory. 

Did so with sisterly lust everytime and never had a i doing something wrong?

Can't load previously saved files for Android , same thing happened with the 2nd version .

So weird and such absurd bullshit with peter and all those scenes , lame character 

Hope there aren't more things like these , it should be optional to choose between Peter scenes

Excellent game , Katherine ( psychologist ) scenes were amazing 

Non taboo version of Android ? Or is there any console command dor that ..?

Can't download , always


Hello , as usual awesome ep2 . Couldn't use my previous save files after copying them in the new installed folder . 

Tried to load those files in the previous version too(reinstalling again) but that was also unsuccessful . 

It would get difficult if we have to do it for every episode 

Platform - android


Swipe 2 fingers down .. click the soul  crystal and you will understand 

So we don't to worry about saving files for the next update ?

Yea I can't find the folder where the game gets installed , need to save the files for the next version ... Anyone figure that out ?

Why reply to yourself i think the sword wielding dick chopper is the futa 

amazing gameplay and content improvement in nsfw scenes is great .

I.ll surely support once i earn something