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Slight Setback is a puzzle game where you'll have to place explosive in a factory to blew up the robots inside ! 

Interact with the different elements of the factory, place the right bombs and activate them at the right time to be the most efficient possible. The game is still in development so jump into the discord to give your ideas, report bugs or simply follow the progression ! (

An original take on the theme ! It has a really nice ambiance thanks to audio and visuals !

Even though I just had space to press it took me some time to master and I played it for several minutes trying to defeat all the knights.

Too bad that you get far above the 3 hours ! :P

Thanks ! 

The font was originally the one on the screenshots but I didn't export the game well so now if you don't have it installed on your computer it will be a random one like Arial.

I'm still working of the game and will publish a better version when the jam ratings are done and you'll destroy robots instead of blowing up people because that's not really what people likes you're right. x)

The idea of planning ahead your actions fits well with the fact that you control a space ship and could be pretty fun but for it to not be unfair you have to remove randomness in enemies movement. Each time I shot the fork shaped enemy it felt like luck and not prediction. 

For a 3h game made it has a really nice ambiance though !  

Thanks a lot ! ^^

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It's a really cool game ! Great SFX !

There's a little "bug" : When you get killed the game keeps playing so in "PROX" mode the enemies keep getting killed by their own bullets and spawning more bullets which increases continiously my score after I got killed.  

Yes, I already have some ideas of improvement. Maybe I'll work more on it later ! 

Thanks ! I really appreciate it ! 

Maybe some day xD

Thanks ! I learned how to manage my 3 hours in a better way than the last time.

Well it's the weird thing on the background of the thumbnail. It falls down sometimes x)

Oh that's inconvenient... Sorry I don't really see how I can help you.

You just have to put the creatures on a ship to get some points while avoiding letting them kill each other xD

Well that's too bad xD
What kind of operating system do you have ?

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Do the title and credit screen count in the 3 hours ?

Yes, I should have say all the rules before the game to start but I was running out of time xD

Thanks for playing and feedbacking !

Do you have a 64 bit ?

None, just double click on the "nw" with the compas logo

Yes but the speed of the player is fine, it's maybe the global rhythm which gave me that impression

Nice game but a bit too slow in my point of view

Pretty funny but very repetitive in the mechanisms