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A member registered Jul 16, 2017

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If nothing more, I know I have a different place to unload for every day of the year down here :D

So is this an ARG? Has anyone actually visited said location? :D

Gameplay starts at 13:58, includes both endings and a little bonus ending :)

So I joined in the fun and recorded my playthrough. Very impressive for 36 hours.

Gameplay starts at 9:32

I enjoyed this, especially the part where the guy hacked the game and spawned on top of me :D

I also wanted to join in the fun of escaping Hagrid but then I didn’t know if walking through walls was a bug or a feature :D

Thoroughly enjoyed playing this and the humour was perfect. Its definitely got that Back to the Future/Rick and Morty vibe going on with the main characters :)

Ha, intrigued to see what antics the toilet gets up to next :D

Gameplay starts at 10:54

Really great atmosphere going on here, so claustrophobic :)

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Overall I enjoyed this even though there was absolutely no reason to kill the doggo! That’s just plain wrong 😅

If you do update the game please consider adding an option screen to allow us to change resolution and mouse sensitivity. Thanks 😃

So I finally got around to playing this. Thanks for fixing the speed issue I had initially :)

Playthrough starts at 20:18 and has all 3 endings.

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Does anyone know which picture fragment I missed?

Playthrough starts at 7:42

I think got a good tactic to get past the final stretch :D

Crazy game. I need to know what’s happening! :D

Uploads do indeed take far long :D

Gameplay at 15:18

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Graphically impressive and obviously PT inspired. Although I had to play with a joypad as I couldn’t get the keyboard controls to work properly :/

Gameplay starts at 8:15

But who was staring through the window?

Well I’m guessing it never turned out too good for their friend :D

I liked the part where you investigated the mansion.

Are you going to provide an archived version to download? (zip/rar)

I liked the part where Catherine would point out the obvious :)

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Just finished the new demo. I loved the original and this one seems to be ticking all the right boxes. Looking forward to the final game in a few months 👏👏👏

If only the world would randomly swallow ME up take me away from MY mundane office job!

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Honestly, does anyone know what happened to Cassie’s teddy left eye? Its keeping me up at night :(

Not bad at all. Visually impressive but hugely disappointed I couldn’t use the slide in the garden :D

Enjoyed this from start to end and extremely polished and original. Having not played any of the other games in the series I’m definitely going to soon :)

I’m amazed how quickly the captain got down from the lighthouse to his house 🤣

I honestly have no idea what I just experienced! that said, I was entirely entertained :D

Always enjoy a good 2d pixel adventure and this was no exception. The relationship with your new found friend is what this is all about :)

Its been a while since I’ve played a RPG maker game like this. Overall a great lesson and story where the puzzles did get me a couple of times :D

Michael is a bit of a wuss really :D

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Sure, happy to help.

  • Menus don’t seem to save your information or show incorrect information (ie, screen resolution, language). The resolution drop down shows multiple options for the same screen mode.
  • The ringing sound from your mobile phone sounds like a standard telephone and as there is a telephone on the table, I tried to interact with that. Its not clear you are holding a mobile phone at the start of the game.
  • When you leave the first room, you’re able to walk through a wall on the right as you leave. (ie, there is no collision detection).
  • Coffee is misspelt “coffe”
  • There is a coffee vending machine in one of the hallways and its not clear if you should use that or go to the kitchen.
  • When heading back to your office room, its not clear that you’re supposed to sit back in your chair to progress.
  • When the upload is finished, the room goes into complete darkness (completely black) and was near impossible to know where to go as I was colliding into things.
  • I was unable to pick up what I assumed to be the flashlight from the beam. I clicked all around it but unfortunately could not pick it up.

It was at the point I knew I couldn’t progress as I was in complete darkness, so I quit :(

Hope that helps.

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Sorry but this game is very buggy and needs more attention before I’ll play it.

This is my first introduction into the SCP world.. and I strangely like it.

YouTube really does not like the overlay in this game :D

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This game watched as I urinated and never let me wash my hands. I’m devastated!

A solid demo and horror experience of old with many nods to Silent Hill. Looking forward to the full game!

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Interesting concept. Now I know never to stay late in the office!