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Thanks! Colorblind accessibility is something that I should’ve taken into consideration but completely overlooked while making this game. I’m glad you still enjoyed it though! 

Fun, simple, and polished games are my favorite types of games! Really cool idea and great execution! I love the graphics too.

Awesome idea! Reminds me of that "This is the Only Level" flash game. Great job!

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Thanks so much, I'm glad you liked it!

Really cool idea! Reminds me of Astro Barrier from Club Penguin. Good job!

This is a really cool idea with a great execution! I love the artstyle too. Great job!

I've played a few entries with this idea, but this is by far the best execution of it! Being able to rotate platforms and walljump off of them was a super cool mechanic, and the levels were designed really well. Good job!

Thanks for the feedback! By the time I noticed the issue of the target spawning behind other characters, I didn’t have much time to make adjustments, so hopefully it will only be a minor issue for players. I also should have made more distinction between characters besides shirt color to make the game more accessible, but it’s something I overlooked while working on the game. These are all things I’ll take note of in the future, so thanks again and I’m glad you liked the game! 

This is a super fun game! The idea is really good and the execution was great. I also love the emoji art and the music you chose. Good job!

This is a great execution of a really clever idea. I had so many "Ohhhh!" moments while playing this game, like when realizing you could use the A key to cancel out your forward movement without releasing the D key. The level design did a great job at showing off what you could use each key for. Awesome job overall!

Really fun game! Your idea was somewhat similar to mine (spotting an outlier in a crowd), but our games still ended up being pretty different. I love all of the crazy designs for the faces, and the game feels super polished overall. Good job!

Thanks for the feedback and nice high score!

Thanks for the feedback! I agree that the later rounds could have more variety. As for the music, I didn't have much time so I tried to find something with a "Wild West" feel, but I can see how it could get annoying. Having a button to mute the background music is a feature I'll definitely add in my future projects. I'm glad you like it overall, though!

Even though I died pretty quickly, this was a really cool experience! Knowing that I had so much on the line kept me super tense and alert while playing. Good job! 

(This is how far I got. I wasn't moving fast enough to the right and got bodied by these black dots.)

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Awesome game! Using the aliens to clear your path is a really cool mechanic that was used well. Both the steering and acceleration are very satisfying, and controller support was a nice surprise. Good job!

(I felt bad for the guy in the ending, though. RIP.)

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Between the win-screen, air movement, and controlling the jump height, everything in this game feels so satisfying! Awesome job!

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Thanks! Colorblind accessibility is something I definitely overlooked while working on this game, but after the jam I'll hopefully be able to go back and add more visual distinction between characters (besides just shirt color) so the game can be easily played by people with colorblindness.

Thanks for the feedback! I agree that the game is pretty frustrating, especially without a controller. I should definitely spend more time balancing difficulty in the future.

Nice work! The rope-swinging is super satisfying, especially once you master it.

Maybe I'm just bad and couldn't find the entrance, but it happened to me on my second and third attempts. It isn't too much of an issue though since it doesn't usually happen often. 

This is a really great execution of an awesome idea! The grappling mechanic is really satisfying and the game feels very polished overall. I can't think of any complaints with the game, but I do think a result screen that rates you based on how many shots you used in the level would be a great addition.

I'm having a lot of fun playing this game! The random generation is a bit buggy, and I had to restart a few times due to the final room not being connected to the map, but the upgrade system is really rewarding and the combat in general is very satisfying. Great job!

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Thanks! I agree that the game might be a little unfair, especially without a controller. I definitely have to spend more time balancing difficulty in the future. I appreciate the feedback and I’ll be sure to check out your game as well!