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plot hole games

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must have minimum survival aspects <in description>

also cool game

quick quiz for you i'm looking for team members here it is

guess what im back and better im learning javascript and html

i might be get a desktop soon. right now i'm stuck using a laptop. and it's not very good :

okay good luck. and the reason i wasn't online lately was my pc broke. the open office will be delayed

it makes sense to me but i need to upgrade my operating system and that alone takes up to much space. but i can help you make a game. or if you have money you can get buildbox studio. it's easy to use no coding knowledge required.

how about trying to make a game in adventure game studio? it's free and there's plenty of great tutorials on youtube on it

any thing you would like can be added if you ask me to add it. also are you working on any new games?

new game jam you will own it if you join bitsy game jam by me.

early access link.  and your in the game play to find character.

(1 edit)

fixed my error, and update coming soon you can play it soon i'll send you the html file soon

the open office demo download

same but soon in middle school electives i'll be learning javascript and html #open office demo out no

okay and do you know to program ? and if so what coding language java, python , html maybe? any way i want you to know that you really inspire me. keep up the great work.

what i meant was if a you use a item on something like in pond adventures with the cat nip how do i subtract that item from the players inventor? and question do you want to do a co bundle of each of our best games?

question how do remove items from inventory and have people give you stuff,  do you know like in onion farm, ps great game

what is with the random text is that intentional or an error?

thanks i'm making a new game now, it's called the open office

email you full code for publishing. thanks