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Thank you!


Great job!

Short and sweat!

Wow, really powerful.


Eu gosto muito! Beleza!

Not exactly the same as this one, but the NarraScope IF jam is going on right now:

Also, if you are interested in playing around with bitsy they have a jam now as well: I think there is one every month or something like that.

I know this was a while ago, but I really liked the game!

I liked at the start the username.  I like how you put the storyline in the help, but I wouldn't have seen that, if I didn't go back and look. So it was especially confusing at first. When you lose it would be good to go back to home screen not just exit the game.

Really great gameplay. Quite fun actually. I beat it!

Really great gameplay. Quite fun actually. I beat it!


Nice text platformer! I couldn't get past the spring either, even double jumping. I really liked the stick figure jumping animation. Could have used a storyline.  

Tricky Text Jam community · Created a new topic How to vote

This is my first do we vote, does something come up after the deadline is finished?

Just making sure it is not against the rules to have mouse cursers. I am making a web based game that requires clicking.

Nice, thanks!

すばらし! I was playing mostly in French so it was a little slow for me, but I liked it. Bon travail!

It has been a while since I played the game, but I remember liking it. What did you use for development?

Nice potential. I find the mechanic to push down to squish up (jump) interesting.

Fun concept, you ought to build it out more. Kindof has a lemmings feel. I wish you could un-construct those guys.