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Play It Forward

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I love the VS. I love the art style. I love that they are always runnin.
Wish there was single player.

I like the comics and overall gameplay. I would just fix resolution issues and powerups to effect speed.

I the overall effect-- next time I play, I'm going to just let the timer run out to say yes to somethings.

Nice design, music and player feedback.

I like the nostalgia created, but I wanted a big boom. Also, not sure if there are 2 endings, but I'm waiting to see what happens if I don't push the button.

LOL, I'm studying Javascript on Codecamp and this kills me. Nice job.

I like the use of physics to flow.

Wow, my finger hurts more than playing LOL. I enjoy the game and concept a lot, but why not use any button or "enter" to create the coments?

LOL, wot that was fast. I'll play it this Friday when I have more free time. Thanks for the submission :D

Created a new topic Time to get started :D
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Hey all, time to get started. Here are 5 things I hope can help you.
1) 50,000- 70,000
words in the 30 days of November excluding HTML or any code needed to post your story. That's in case anyone else was wondering. So, yes this jam uses the NaNo rules but in the Choose Your Own Adventure Genre :D

2) Crash Course in Choose Your Own Adventure theory--
This helps with outlining and structure. There are more vids from this series but this is the crash course on structure and connecting timelines and pages.

3) Intro to Twine (I posted this before)

4) Post here on itch.io. and you can also post a link on your NaNo profile to get others to read :D. Also, feel free to ask questions and post updates on your social for moral support. My Twitter is @BurningwoodM, and feel free to tweet me your milestones :D

5) Don't expect perfect. The idea of any game jam is to experiment, and you can also build upon what you've learned or continue to work on fleshing out a more polished product later on or both :D.

Hey all, I added you :D

Yes. This may be a bit harder as this may effect overall mini-stories in the run.

Re: "Btw, do we still aim for 50k-75k target eventhough we're going to use Twine?"
Yes, this excludes any code or html you may need to use.

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Hey all thanks for joining this game jam. To get started we can actually register our projects at the National Novel Writing Month website. I think this would be a great way to start thinking about what and how we are going to write our stories.

Here's a link to my novel project.

Please share yours after you posted :D

Also, you can pick the option as "other" in the genre menu and then write "Choose Your Own Adventure"

Posted in Version?

I'm planning to use Twine 2 as it seems more easily accessble on multple devices. Consider the possibiloty on working on a game via a smart phone.

I recomend watcthing VegetarianZombie's tutorials before the jam as they are pretty indepth--

Posted in Results?

The results are up and pretty cool to look at--
Thanks @leafo


Thank you ;)

Update: Have a C# coder ready for Unity. Anyone interested in forming a motley crew?

LOL, I had to reload the whole thing. I did, the BMode balances the game and creates diff strategies to use.Any other power-ups? I also realized you could add a power up based on score-- like a ninja star burst of something.

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Frist off, I liked the game overall. However, sometimes things get attached to files when using software that the user is unaware of before they put a file here for consumption. So, I looked for "Adware.LoadMoney.Win32.65986" in Task Manager and in Drive. Did not not find anything out of the ordinary after uninstall. Any other way to find the file?

It did thanks. Your game is awesome. I was trying a timing element for mine as well, but when with something else. What I really like is the Ninja's color transformation as it can have a hidden meaning. Also, did you use flash and actionscripting?

Instructions would be nice, but this is a good working game.

Version 52.0.2743.116 m (64-bit)

Not working on Chrome :(

This is great game overall. I think the details to the each character and the suprise endings with the mysteries of all the characters is a great. I got the default ending, but I was working on the cow and someone I think has some terrible family secret. I spent too much time between characters and should have focused on one.

I can do 2D art and I use Spriter Pro. I use C2. Also, I have minor music and programing skills. If I'm given time to focus on just the art, this gives me a lot more time to make more polished animations, backgrounds, assets etc.

Jams I want to go for with a group.

My last game I did in a 2 person team for the global game jam

Looking for people--
1) That are willing to share ideas and vote on the best on the team can do.

2) Can clear 60% of their weekend during the event to do their part.

3) Is willing to profit share the IP evenly if the project is good enough to be developed for steam.

4) Doesn't play Pokemon Go while driving.

5) Thinks everything is funny becuase everything is politcally incorrect.
Let's PM--
My twitter @BurningWoodM

"a ring that turns a huntsman into a princess," My favorite one of the many possibilites. At some point, I thought you were procedural generating the ring choices.

Posted in Results?

Yeah, I've doubled check and I posted another post in the forums to hopefully find the answer.

Any suggestions on how or why the game jam results didn't populate for my jam?

Posted in Results?

Hi, I'm not sure why it's not populating the results, but this is what I'm getting. We can aslo share our results by checking on our game.

7 games were submitted between June 1st 2016 at 12:00 AM and July 4th 2016 at 12:30 AM. 20 ratings were cast. between July 4th 2016 at 12:30 AM and Yesterday at 11:00 PM. The average number of ratings per game was 2.9 and the median was .

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Wow, Canada Day, Independence Day, Steam Sales, and now we have 7 games from this jam. I will be playing all 7 this month, I hope some others play as well. I've gotten some great feedback from friends and I think I'm going to keep developing more so in the months to come. I think each month will be a list of goals.

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Sigh, thanks for trying it out-- there's more but the bugs :/. Friday, I'll post an update that fixes the animation bug.
You should be able to go back to the door and walk out of the Singing room to the subway. I'm missing a lot of features and only have one ending in :/. However, feedback has been pretty good, so I may stick with this project a bit longer after the jam.

Bugs-- Spriter objects sometimes disappear or appear when not intended.

LOL, so I have to leave it as a WIP for now. I learned a lot about Spriter and Construct2, but I have to debug a lot of stuff.

I found a work around the exits and entrances as I didn't have time to implement the bottom link.

I've got all the art assets ready, short of some animations. Also, just figured out how to do this--
Sadly, I haven't had any time to countinue with my coding classes this month with the new baby, work and well this jam. Still worth it :D

Cool, I'm going to find time to play all the games submitted and make some youtube videos with commentary for all jam participants. These games are practice and constructive feedback is more important rather than risking some randoms' mean or plain troll like comments. The links will be unlisted, so you'll be able to share away if you so desire.

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Okay, I added it to be 12:00 a.m. Monday my time. That should give everyone a fair shot at finishing this weekend. Notably, deadlines are really there to give us a finish mark and not allow us to fall into a developer abyss. I have three games either on a shelf or in a abyss already :P.


Sigh, it's a timezone issue. Let me fix it.

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I'm sure I'll have time for the death screen with fairy, but all the characters are now in place. The backgrounds are done, but not super happy with how they look. This time around I learned a lot on how to use Spriter and Construct2, so I'm happy.

Created a new topic Extension: 1 More Weekend!
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Looking at the Calendar, let's give this 1 more weekend. I hope this will give some other more time to at least have something running and playable if you feel you can't complete within the week.