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Try your luck at the golden beet and maybe post a screenshot if you actually make it.

It's very hard, so don't frustrate yourself with it. I think I will post a screenshot myself if you give up and still want to see it. :D

Thank you a lot for giving your thoughts on possible interpretations of the game.

I hope to one day be able create a videogame that can convey a meaning or let's say a more abstract idea. While I think this is a little overambitious given the scope of a game jam, I nonetheless try to come up with ways how art, music or gameplay might outline one of these ideas.

This makes me overlook what is more important for the game, like more gameplay related content or good controls. Next time I will try to discipline myself and get this right first - either by coding it correctly, giving players a tutorial or making some people playtest it.

Thank you again for giving your feedback. :)

P.S. There is a way to get the 999 beets for the black umbrella, but it is pretty hidden/challenging and you might uncover it only by sheer luck...

Hi I just wanted to leave you another reply, because I saw you play my game on your stream.

Oh the pain I felt when I realized how unintuitive these controls are, I think I did a big design mistake there, because the idea of sliding your character up ramps and then jumping really is not that obvious if you just put someone infront the game without much explanation.

It was very valuable to see someone go through this experience and I have to make sure to gather some friends for playtesting next time.

You had a lot of patience and played it to the end, thank you so much.

This entry has some of the most fun gameplay, I am sure you must be a good programmer.

The graphics look polished and the music is a nice fit - great job!

Thanks a lot for the comment.

You mean that the walls in the last section reminded you of the elvish language from Lord of the Rings in written form, right?

I did not notice this until now, I was just trying to come up with interesting patterns while I scribbled in aseprite, but I totally see how you came to this association :D

Oh and I guess maybe I set up the CollisionShape for the final cutscene trigger a little bit too small or it did not activate in your case. If you reach the bottom the skeleton should start a monologue.

I honestly never heard of either Passage or The Vending Machine from GWJ#34, but your comment lead me to check out both.

The similarities you have spotted totally make sense to me and especially the concept of Passage to create a game where there is "no going back", was something I had in my mind too.

Thank you for your comment and the nice words in the end :)

This was worth playing for the presentation, absurd story and humor - the game managed to crack me up a few times, like with that sound you hear for an unconvincing argument in the courtroom or the tutorial :D

Great to hear, gives me a more balanced perspective on how people perceived the controls in this game. After reading the first few comments I thought I totally messed up and no one was even able to play :D

A wonderful game, I played it all the way to the end.

The art and music provide a nice atmosphere, mysterious and calm.

You have managed to make quite a bit of content and also polished it up well - great job!

Thank you a lot for the compliment, I am still just starting out with game jams and it means a lot to me to get positive feedback like this.

Now I definitely have to check out some more submissions tomorrow to see what everyone else created :) 

Okay, I tried to update it. 

Thank you so much for telling me about the issue. :)

Thank you so much for actually giving me some tips to improve the code!

If you really want to avoid falling down to far you can repeatedly mash the "W" button which will hold your altitude - another oddity of the movement code I guess :D

Thanks for the reply!

Try to go to the right edge of the screen, then run towards the character on the left and use it's body like a ramp to propell yourself into the air. If you strafe around a little and jump you can make it over the characters head.

It was a little foolish to assume people would take up the controls very fast without a tutorial. When I playtested every section I already had experience with the controls of course.

You can do it :D!

Getting the guy to the red house is super challenging and kinda requires mastering the weird controls.

But if you actually manage to do it you will be rewarded, I promise ;)

Thank you so much for the nice comment!

The controls need a little time to get used to, so you might have to replay a few times. I should maybe add a tutorial or rework parts of the movement code. You can get the second and third glimmer by going to the right edge of the screen, then run towards the character on the left and use it's body like a ramp to propell yourself into the air :D

Hey, thanks for the feedback. Eric is indeed in the house on the right. If you flip the lightswitch by interacting with "E" he will probably wake up ;)

Good observation on the pacing of the story. I noticed it too when I was finished, but I didn't really got to that vantage point in time to overwork larger parts of the story, maybe I could plan that ahead next time.

Now that I finished my first game, I am getting really excited to take all that knowledge/wisdom into account on my next project.

Thank you very much for the feedback.

Hey, thank you for this very constructive feedback, I'll keep that in mind for the next jam !

Fun gameplay and great polish, congratulations !

The sounds and visuals give off a very gloomy atmosphere, nice.

Cool stuff!

The controlls feel smooth and the graphics are cute :3.