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Playfellow Studio

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oh. hullo.

Thanks for playing our creation. You are so cool!

We love cats, games and adding features. We have plans to add more stuff. Stay tuned. You can follow us on Twitter for regular updoots or head on over to the dev bloog for patch notes. :3

-jellybean, emperor of the play room

:3 why thank you.

We appreciate your comment.

Good luck repairing your relationship!

And thank you!!!

awww. This is so cute and sweet. Thank you for playing!

Thanks for the feedback!

We actually have additional animations in the works right now! As these are being finished we can play test how the jump feels. The jump may go through a few revisions but I will see what I can do about it feeling more responsive and less floaty.

We are continuing to experiment with how the jump behaves.
What do you think would improve how the jump feels? :)

This seems to be fixed by updating the gpu driver.
Let me know if it still happens after updating!

We may be looking into this 👀

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The focus currently is developing the windows version further, but I definitely want to make a mac alternative at some point soon.
(I also will keep in mind to not make it 32-bit for you)

To play it right now though it might could be wrapped using wineskin, but that would just be a temporary solution as we look into getting it onto mac :)