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Oooor, a red panda, looking at the sprite.

I think she's a kind of a fox

Oh ok.

(1 edit)

Wait, is that story really true?

Why did I say this again?

Wasn't sure what I was supposed to do, but it seems interesting...

My story ended up being about someone breaking up with me, because they found someone else who was better.

I survived to round 7. Would like to see this game have more features added, like different enemies, unlockable skins, a start menu... This could become a great game.

When will this game next be updated?

ooooooooh I get it now... Half-Life but the "F" is crossed out... Clever.

A rick roll

I got rick rolled

Thank you

Project on scratch:

Sooooo... where is it?


343.803 is my best time on easy


You may want to make it so that the menu screen buttons move offscreen, because I keep clicking them as I play.


Love what You've done with the menus screen! Also thank you for making the mega blocks go through each other. In the future, could you maybe add different characters, like the other ones seen in the story at the start, or make different costumes to unlock for Mabby, by meeting certain requirements?

Thank you for changing to ZIP

My official program to do so doesn't work, and also I've been looking for hours, and it turns out it never went onto the device...

Sorry this doesn't go here...

Oh wait I played the demo of your game Tokyo Snap recently!

Played this ages ago, forgot to say It's great!

Great Game

I'm depressed because I have no money to spare to buy this game =(

It literally took a split second to convert from .RAR to .ZIP

Also, I have stopped making youtube videos of gameplay, but I'll still play for fun.

Thank you for the patch! Sorry it took awhile to actually see your reply...

Oh, and I would have a video of the level in question, but the video file got corrupted...

Also, here's a video of my gameplay:

The second level (not the actual second level, but the level with the birds) is fine until you get to the duck. It gets harder after that, and eventually I just rage quit. It may just be my skill, but could you maybe make it a little bit easier?

I fixed it!(Finally...)

My computer automatically removed it because it had a virus in it

You should make it one!

No,it just wouldn't open after downloading =( Is it a console game?If it isn't you should make it one!

Sorry,it would crash whenever I opened it,and would say the game did not exist.=(

It's so BIG!