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yeah, oh well, sorry for the negative review, don't let reviews like mine detter you though. Carry on making games if that's your dream, I certainly believe in you :)

wow, a wholesom dev too

Gameplay: 1/4 + Aesthetic: 1/1 = 2/5 - Bland and broken gameplay with a focus on a slightly interesting narrative. Jump is completely pointless except for the invisible tutorial at the start (nice design). The graphics looked really good, whoever made this should probably focus on making graphics for games rather than whole games. Was cute though :)

Gameplay: 2/4 + Aesthetic: 1/1 = 3/5 - Very wholesome and charming gameplay and graphics. Cute premise but not really much of a game mechanic, more of an aesthetic choice. The sprite work is amazing and the voice acting is alright.maybe this should stay as a small indie game, but don't give up on making games. Thanks for the wholesome experience, you're awesome hehe :)

Gameplay: 3/4 + Aesthetic: 1/1 = 4/5 - Fun addictive gameplay with an interesting well executed mechanic. Really like the choice of music and the stylistic graphics which really make the game cute and charming. I think that if this game were to become a more developed game (which I think it should) maybe it could get an upgrade system (giving you abilities, e.g. dodge role), the enemies could come in waves and new types could come to make the game more challenging as you progress. These points aren't saying the game is flawed because it doesn't have them, I'm just saying the game could improve from them. Thanks for the experience :)

Gameplay: 3/4 + Aesthetic: 1/1 = 4/5 - Very interesting and exciting mechanic which was very well executed in the well designed levels. Only a 4 and not a 5 because there weren't enough levels. Amazing and charming sound design and graphics. Why are the graphics so cool for a game that you spend half of not even seeing them?! Not that that's a complaint or anything. Please make this a full fledged game, I'm begging, I shall make a shrine for this game hehe. Thanks for the experience :)

Gameplay: 2/4 + Aesthetic: 0/1 = 2/5 - Interesting concept, bad execution. Found the game quite interesting to begin with but then got very bored and skipped all the enemies using the wind ability, an ability used to launch yourself. Bad pacing, only 2 types of enemy, neither are aggressive enough (they won't attack unless you get really close). Very easy to get lost. Art was nice in place, too weird in others. Enemy designs were boring and nonsensical and the dungeon aesthetic made it easy to get lost. No music or sounds, just a narrator (who did make me laugh). Don't let this review change your mind about your aspirations because you do have an interesting concept her. Maybe just learn a little more about game design (Watch more Mark Brown, hehe).

Gameplay: 3/4 + Aesthetic: 1/1 = 4/5  - Fun and interesting puzzle gameplay that got more mentally challenging as you played (Good difficulty arc). Found that the game used some of its flaws in early sections of the game as mechanics later which was an intelligent move by creator/s of this game. The graphics are definitely interesting with an alright song that didn't get too boring. Wish it was longer, could definitely see this little game becoming a full-fledged game. Enjoyed it  :)