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Thank you :D

Thanks for the feedback, i'll do better next time ^^

Thaks for the kindness of your comment, I'm glad you made it up to the end and you liked it ^^

I loved it, the music and the art are beautiful, but in the beginning is a little repetitive.

Really original, i liked it a lot, but i had a bug where i choose Random level eventually the game crash :(

The camera was a little frustrating because i could'nt see what was below me while jumping, also i found a bug that occurs while dying on lava that got me stuck in floor :(

The wands were really satisfying to use, the death one so op :D

Thx for feedback, i tested it and it seems some potions are used and others not. It's supposed to be an instant use on pick up, sorry ^^!

I loved it! I had a good time playing it, but I found a bug that happens when you get hit by a bat (it may happen with other mobs) while near a wall that teleports you behind the wall and cant get back to the field.

PS: Nice reference at the item shop theme, it was funny haha