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I died when I defeated the gravity robot thing by falling out of the game, but I think I enabled the zero gravity ability before that happened, so when I revived, I was upside down and couldn't really do anything. When the player dies, reset the gravity.

Thank you so much for the positive review. This is my first game so I may have to fix a few mistakes, but I really appreciate it

You call it an experience, I call it an fps tutorial

Thank you so much for this!!!

I went to the documentation and saw something called "Click on new project" But I cant find the New Project button

Where can I download that groovy music?

I might want to buy/sell stuff but I dont want to get the wrong credit card.

It still doesnt work.

This game was amazing, It was scary especially that doll becoming a monster part, I like it. 

Best game EVER!!!


When I start the game, my character get stuck in the ground.

In the desktop app

Instead of the game opening a window as an executable, it would play in itch wrapped into a tab. If its not possible then it doesn't have to be done.

That would be a great idea because I would get to keep up with itch while playing games.

I don't have xbox controllers, I have PS4 Controllers so what should I do about that part?