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really cool game! rpgs aren't normally my go-to but i love me a fun rpg-horror! the writing was pretty fun and good, the mix of pixel and 3D style was cool, and i looooved the monster designs! kinda gave me LISA: The Painful (one of my favorite games) vibes probably cus of the soundtrack and freaky humanoid monsters. only complaint is i wish it was longer and that there was an option to run while moving.

 will be following :D

cool game! it actually started out pretty relaxing just catching moths but then got tense once the big moths were introduced

hor y.

I don't really understand what this is, but it looks cool and was fun to mess around with. deserves more attention!

I really liked it!


Really loved how you could just throw your phone at the end. Small thing, but really nice touch! I also thought it looked haunting, but really cool, when all those trucks appeared underwater.

i like the game! i'm wondering what will happen next :o

i really like the art style and gameplay, but like some people said below, the names definitely need to be changed for final release because the romanticizing of real life serial killers ain't cool

Interesting game! I liked the style, and it was pretty eerie

certainly an interesting game, had fun meeting michael jackson

I really enjoyed this! I would love to see a full game :D

nice, fun game! if it were updateded further i'd love to see some new evolutions or enemies added