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Beautiful artstyle! I love how it's not a full blown PSX style game but the textures are still pixelated. Lots of potential here! 

haha yep! I had no means of testing the Linux version unfortunately, but I hope you enjoyed it! It's pretty short but, I tried to show a little bit of every mechanic that I built for the game so far. 

thank you for playing! was it lagging in your computer or was it just because of the video?

Hey, full demo released! I also added a Linux version, but obviously i couldn't test it. I hope you have fun! 

I really like it! The island was structed in a way that I was very excited to see what was inside the house (even though I knew I'd never see it). I hope you do go through with something at least in this style. 

Apparently this is a lot harder than it needs to be haha. I'll try to release the full version of the demo in both Windows and Linux (and Mac) in 2 weeks! It will be an a lot more satisfying experience with more platforming sequences and puzzles!

never done it before, but I’ll look into how to do that ASAP, stay tuned! 

Just bought this on Steam, can't wait to play it! What shader did you use? 

9/10, absolutely amazing! I also really appreciate the fact that we can walk around the map and just vibe.

im very happy to hear! would you guys consider doing some sort of a devlog ? or maybe you already have i dont know haha

honestly this is one of the craziest things to ever happen in the history of video games, but i havent really seen any gaming news sites cover this. maybe some have, but, i see "what we know about gta 6" (nothing btw) every few days and i feel like you and your game deserve a lot more recognition. 5 stars to you my friend, keep going!

so great!

Unlit games don't normally look very good, but you completely knocked it out of the park! Congrats!

Commentary through subtitles sounds like a really unique feature! The people who want to have commentary can read the subtitles, but those who don't can just turn them off. Great idea mate :-)

Hey thanks for playing!! I hope you enjoyed it! Hoped to hear some commentary on the video :-)

This was pretty fun! Especially for a jam game. I think you guys should improve on this concept and publish the finished product.

is there any footage? :(

This is great for what it is. If somebody went into this expecting a fighter game, I can see why they'd be disappointed, but I knew what I was going in for and I loved all of it. Bravo.


Hi Mr. Lynch, I didn't know you made games!

All jokes aside, this was really well made. Congrats! I hope for games like this to be a more prominent genre in the future of gaming. Games as contemporary art!! Woo hoo

Thank you for playing! Also you've got a really cool intro. :)

Thank you! <3 <3

Thank you :)  I wanted to make a sweet game that everyone can enjoy!

Thanks a lot for giving a shot at a failed, forgotten game that never received any attention to begin with. I must say I was NOT expecting to get a comment on this game, ever, but someone actually playing my game, a fellow indie dev, was actually a really nice way to end my day. I agree with your criticisms, I was too focused on the atmosphere and the story that I believe I violated multiple game design rules. Haha. Again, thank you for playing man, really means a lot.

I can't you're literally god

Hello. This game is buggier than the wet soil under a rock but I love, love, love it!! I think I have an idea of what the story is, kind of, but you clearly want people to inerpret the meaning on their own so I'll keep my mouth shut.

Also, HOW did you get Unity to do weird, sort of frame thingies like that ?!

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Hi, I think your game was featured in a list somewhere. I tried it just a moment ago and while it's obviously a rushed project and I'm not a fan of invisible walls, but there is something about this game... I can't express it in words. I don't think anyone can without sounding ostentatious. The commentary is nice, I enjoyed reading the developer's feelings and thoughts, some of which I easily related to. But this teeny tiny world that you've built is eyeful. It just feels like what I remember my childhood to be. This just feels very personal, like I'm reading your diary and realizing that we go through similar things. I could go on and on, but well done. Great work.

This is cute as hell. Well done! I'll be happily using this for inspiration one day. 

I somehow managed to miss that this was a game jam game. That wipes most of my criticisms away. Well done sir, you're releasing one amazing game after the other!

Hey, so let me start off by saying that I'm a fan of this developer's previous work, Gregore, even though the two projects have pretty much nothing in common, I just wanted to mention that.

First off, the art style. I really like it, I think it's good, but it could've been explored more. We only saw little glimpses of the outside world through the windows but I can't help but feel that the game could have benefitted greatly if the intro was us walking to our home instead of just spawning in a hallway because from what I've seen, the red-white-black aesthetic definitely looks good when looking outside.

For gameplay mechanics, I suppose there isn't much to say since this is more like  a walking simulator, and it plays well for what it is.

The sound design. My, my. The fact that the game is SO SILENT with the exception of a few occasions is such a great idea and I was scared shitless playing the game. I had to alt+tab and take a breather every minute or so.


The monster's design is absolutely amazing. Especially at the end when we can get a better look up close and that weird tall body of theirs is in a school girl uniform. It was absolutely horrifying. It also didn't help that the ending is oddly familiar to a nightmare that I've occasionally been having for more than a decade. 

All in all, I can see that this is more like a small project that relies more on visuals and sound design rather than gameplay,  and I really really like what you guys did. Well done!

I am absolutely blown away by this. People have made amazing things with all kinds of ideas and game engines ever since "indie dev" was a thing, but I don't think anything will ever top this for me as far as "how the HELL did they do this?!" question goes. Thank you for this.

Good stuff! Keep up the good work mate!

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My God what a game!!!! Easily my favorite indie title form ever. The graphics, the music, I loved them!! I read that you want to make a similar game, so I will make a few suggestions as to what to avoid for your next title. Please, do forgive me if I'm a little harsh. I'm a fan and I'd like to see you improve your art even further.

- First of all, the controls. I really like the core loop here. Block / parry, and then slash. That's cool and all and I think you can use that for your next game as well, but not without a few adjustments. The controls need to be a lot more responsive, and I think you should add a few more extra moves for when we keep pressing the LMB. I understand that this is a stealth game, but the boss battles are not. Though I really liked them too, I sometimes found myself wishing that I could slash them more just for a better sense of satisfaction.

- Level design was OK in my opinion, with a few moments of absolute brilliance. For example, the introduction of the boss was incredible, when he shot one of our enemies. And the path to the second boss is a really nice little puzzle (though I never would have figured it out on my own!!) So maybe work on more complex / interesting levels. The level design is good as it is, but I think you have what it takes to make each one really count.

- You could delve on the story a little bit more. I know that exploring a story in an indie game is such a pain in the ass and adds a f**k ton of working hours, but I think you could keep the story fairly abstract but make it have more of an impact on the player. Environmental storytelling is a really easy and effect version of doing that. For example, we can find out more about who Gregory is, why he's a vigilante and who were the bosses etc. 

Anyway, looks like I already talked too much haha. I loved the game and will be waiting for more!

I love the idea of only being able to kill the eyes if they're killing us. Quite the pacifist approach, honestly. Haha. How long did it take for you to finish this?


SO cool! May I ask how you got the low-res look in Godot? Can't find any tutorials on it! Haha

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Hey all! I made a retro space shooter for my game dev course at school. It’s endless, but there is a boss at 50. Can you get there and beat it?


really cute! I don't have any need for it right now, but I might use it later, great job! Is it for commercial projects as well?

I used one of your crosshairs for a little project I'm developing, thanks a bunch, very stylish!