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I need help some rent owners are giving my parents trouble can you help?

It’s ok

So does anybody know how to help me?

Example of my new coding language:(:\(summon=scratchblock):\)


can you guys help me make a real cool code console on scratch I will call it manta code

oh i forgot one! paintbrush man1 is the last recommendation for summer 2021

Summer recommendations:Watermelon juice, F.U.T.U.R.E, and PizzaPaint for windows plus my upcoming future's backpack bundle

Would you guys like some free games?

Thank you everyone you guys made me feel much better thank you all



new boss: chicken sandwich monster




now everyone is making scratch game? this is cool!

oh the cringe!

minecraft 2.0!

if it was a mistake tell them and you may be unbanned soon.......

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on the chromebook go into settings and in the search bar type linux beta then download it after you do download the Friday night funkin linux file it has to be a .deb file

can you please convert it to a different file pls

this is hype

ok say that to a admin of I am inspired by moderators so I want to act like one

and its hard trust me  

ok can you please accept the review system has now?

no I would try it for myself and you can try linking it to the page

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please try following the directions on the page carefully, or else at the butler page click report and then report a bug then tell what's happening, and they should help you from there, if that can't work  then restart your computer

can you please try not posting your own game it does not have to be your games it can be anyone's game

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yes, but you can review the game to the public by suggesting the current game in the's community

@Dark Dimension is right does have a review system, where users can give up to 5 stars and include a comment with their review. Is that what you meant or are you talking about a different kind of review system?


listen to him ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

keep up the good work bud!(:

you know like if you have a xbox disk or a nintendo switch game card with your game inside then you can link it to the direct store with the game disk/game card  for more plays of the game 

do any of you think its a good idea?

it's soo realistic if you are the one who made PB & J Panic keep up the good work bud, you should check it out:

let me tell you about the game made in unity, your goal is to make a pb and j sandwich before the timer is done counting if you lose it does not say anything like game over it just says for example peanut butter and bread a is still a sandwich right?

sounds like fruit ninja the live event countdown

@Dark Dimension? are you ready for the shoot em up canyonside zero pulse event!!!!!???????

public servers are ready to go! get ready to see the zero pulse event!

as long as they  are fun!