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i cant unfortunately

i cant layer images in front of the characters

why not

i port on windows unfortunately

once the update comes out, i will

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its out already

its not that big though

suction cup man maybe

why not

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you build it and check the export folder in the source code

idk how, i really apologize

its not out yet

with the new update probably

thanks, i just found it while browsing the fnf modding community server


yea it stopped loading for me too

i did find a sonic.exe psych port and im even working on it recently

the next update will have psych engine telling from the leaks

idk how

i cant just do half kade and half psych

do you have ghost tapping off

if you lime test html5, its gonna run a chrome tab 

if you want the zip, go back to the source, look for export folder, go to html5, and turn bin into a zip

ghost tapping off is fine, its just that when you miss when you dont have any notes you dont lose any health


sorry for not noticing that

probably because of the fireworks in milf

the mod already has a windows download though?

sorry for it loading like crap

if i get to porting the update it hopefully might be fixed


they blocked the entire on my school comp

i prob cant

because html5 cant support lua as of now

scroll down to yukiko’s comment

you get one in the compiled files

when you compile, check the source code again

go to the export folder



and there

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youre welcome

thanks man, i appreciate this heavily

click on the screen again?

im not sure, i apologize

its my favorite mod so ive been wanting to port it too

you can try refreshing a couple times

i was close to doing it but psych engine note hue ruined it

thats part of the compiled game for html5, pretty sure every html5 zip has a js