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that didn't really answer my question, im wondering why you don't want people using stuff like unreal engine, ableton, etc.

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why can't you just use anything you want?

lol, good luck making it!

7 Minutes community · Created a new topic voting over

yay i got 5th, epic

agree with the music rating cuz I made it in 2 minutes, but super nice gameplay?? dang.

eh, yea, could’ve made the beginning cooldown on the alien a bit longer, but didn’t really have time to do that anyways xd

wdym by "it start's a bit fast"?

horror game

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this is really well made! I do think that some attacks should be tweaked (like adding warnings and stuff) and some attacks in game feel impossible to avoid without being hit, and honestly, any boss should be able to beaten without getting hit, like with Hexic, that feels impossible due to his chasing attack, can't wait to see full game tho, very epic!

changed my life

It won't let me slice the pizza for some reason :/

i found it pretty easy tbh, but maybe that's just cuz I made it

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thanks lol

that technically wasn't even intentional lol, but thanks!

ok cool

is this still ok? the 16 seconds was just spent adding a game over screen, so idk?

ive been hiding in the closet in the basement for 2 hours now, i'm too scared to leave it

this looks like a banger

the game is safe, it's just a weird glitch with a lot of games

*that astronaut moon gun shoot meme*

Jam Members: "Wait, there's no prize?"

Me: "Never has been"

this prob answers your question lol

you can use any language and any engine, really just any anything

o ok

pov: you don't know how to play

sorry im late, and you've prob already seen, but they are ranked on Low Effort, Fun, and Playability, and if its an even numbered jam (those have themes) it will also have Theme

 you can make it for mobile if you wanted to, but less people would play it, so it’s prob just better to go for pc 🤷‍♂️

nope, odd numbered low eff jams, have no theme, even numbered ones do

this took way too long (look at the numbers up top)

and this has happened 4 times now :(

i was wondering if there is gonna be a theme? because it starts 11 days ago

Low Effort Jam 21 community · Created a new topic Hi


dude, I can’t beilive I haven’t added that 5th rule yet from your version! I’m so dumb, That is such an important rule that I can’t beilive I left out


very fun, reminds me of a game you'd find in club penguin

anyways im gonna get a new one now, bye

party party party party i got first B) party party party party

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nice little avoidance game, pretty funny and fun tbh

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yea, to avoid this i use the app, always lets me play the game

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it is not a virus, this problem happens with almost every itch thing i download, just your antivirus being a bit overprotective, i recommend downloading it from the official app

i think i forgot to turn it up