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Would be great if there was a Windows port :)

Interesting tool, though sadly I can´t use it...

Looking good! I will try it out soon :)

I won´t disqualify you, however, getting a "Storage Efficency" score higher than one star will be hard.

This game is about 39-MB when unzipped! Please try to remove some assets so that the game is not over the limit.

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Could not run the game. Error message: The program can´t start because MSVCR100.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.

Okay, the file just needs to be somewhere accessible to users so that this  game can be rated with the "Storage Efficiency" criteria.


Interesting game!

Please provide a downloadable html-file for your game so that it is possible to check file-size.

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Please provide a downloadable gamebuild too - so that its possible to see file-size.

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The submission due has been moved 24-hours from 12:12:12 on October 24th to 12:12:12 on October 25th due to the small amount of games submitted; you now have time to finish you game and polish it! If you really don´t have time to finish it anyways, releasing the game unfinished is fine if its required - you can finish it on your own after the jam!

Any questions can be asked as reply´s.

I have added #32MBJam as the "official" hashtag on the Jam Page!

Thanks for the tip!

Good Idea!