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Thanks, I hope you like it = D

I hope you like it : D

Thanks for the comment, i am very happy to know that you liked it. = D

The attack is one of the great challenges of the game, where the player has to calculate his trajectory a little. Each power will have a different type of projectile with variations in their trajectories, some will be easier and others more difficult.

valew, é isso ae. =D

Thank you very much = D

I believe that by the end of the year the game should be completed and released on Steam.

Muchas gracias, me alegra que te haya gustado = D

Thanks 4 your feedback : D

About the map topics and the character's death I was already planning to resolve in future versions and we will analyze the other topics so that the game can be as polished as possible.

I had put a support button in the game but I saw some people saying that it is not recommended to do this type of thing except in Mobile or Web games.

if you want to help the project, you can make a donation on my Ko-fi page, the link is right above.

thanks, I'm very happy to know that you liked the game =D

you can follow our project on instagram to see the development of this project:

I hope you like it : D

I will try to fix this later.

I'm glad you liked it :D

It's because it's part of the story.
I hope you enjoy the game. : D

The weapon is unlocked only at level 3

Good afternoon.

I was unable to reproduce this bug in order to fix it. Did you try to reset the game?

aaaa show : D

Bom dia, queria jogar, porém meu pc não é 64Bits, vocês pretendem lançar uma versão em 32 ou HTML5 ?

Thanks for playing our game, I'm glad you enjoyed it. : D

The purpose was to bring back that old difficulty of NES games that we don't see these days. :T