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Samuel Toms

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Oh I see. That's really interesting! Thanks for the game, it's amazing :)

Are the "achievements" at the end are working correctly? I killed the emperor with only Murasaki and won the purple symbol, but then I killed the emperor with only Midori and didn't win anything. Do I have to kill him in a different way?

Was the title a reference to the song Wind of change? Anyway, I loved the game. Even though theres not much it's super entertaining! 

Really nice fun, cute and short game. Loved it :)

I like the animations but what is the genre and what is the missing mechaninc here?

Well done! Feels complete for the jam. Lack of "game-juice" but still nice.

Love the idea

What? It is flash, you need to enable it. Most people could play it trough the link

Play in this link to a very less lagged version!

Play without donwload to a less lagged and more enjoyable  version: