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I wish I knew the name, can't find it

very fluid gameplay, I was stunned at first, crazy how much you did in just one week!

This is really cool, and a blast to the past, good work!

really cute art style, and a fun little game!

Great work! I made a little town

this has a really cute art style, the animations and gameplay are very fluid and responsive. Great work!

very solid game, the art is great, and the design is fun

Nice art, and cute design!

very addicting and reminds me of a awesome fishing game I used to play, Great work!

played it for a solid hour, really fun and reminds me of a couple of games from my childhood, I would pay money to play this on my phone with more things to do, in all awesome game!

the controls are very nice feeling, the boss is fun to battle, the puzzles are just the amount of toughness as to not be to hard, and the art is rad! this is only the first game I've played for the Jam so far, but I can already tell this game has a big chance of coming top 5

absolutely amazing!

after the game jam is finished with completely, feel free to continue working on your game for whatever reason

if you can fit vector art in the required resolution, I don't see a problem, but vector art is high res

Great questions!
to put it simply you have to use 7 buttons specifically.
no vector art isn't allowed since it would go way past the resolution requirement. 

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 No problem! as long as it fits the Jam requirements and palette, I don't see why it would be a problem

there are no music limits, only the graphical and control related ones

nope, there are no requirements for music, it would be cool if it matched the style, but you don't need to.

there is no set resolution for music.


all the limitations will be revealed when the jam starts

Possibly not depending on the imaginary console

Yes, the imaginary game console is the unique part of the Jam.


Pretty fun game and i like how you added a rage button instead of a quit button.

ask any questions you have about the jam!

great art!

the music is great. and so is the art! Its got a pretty solid idea. great job.

great concept and a good use of the themes!

The concept is good and it uses both themes in a good way. :)

the moon is out of reach

yes as long as it isn't copyright

something that you can't get to or have to use things to get to

horror is a genre so if the game is horror and it works with the themes sure why not. but if it doesn't work with the themes then its best not to because the games are being rated on how well the themes are used aswell as some other things.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


you can choose what you wanna do :) sorry for the late response.

Good job malice! its very fun - Pit

if you want to sure!