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It's a very interesting concept, although there's a few things you need to improve upon. Such as, a menu and music. There's menu tutorials online, and you can get Copyright-free music or sound effects pretty easily. Also, the game is very glitched, sometimes the sprites don't load in right. Also, I don't know if this is intentional, but the arrow keys just make you fly? I'd also recommend getting better graphics, such as a pixel art style. Oh, and the really huge thing that you need to get is a checkpoint system, I made one mistake then had to retry everything, which is frustrating to the player and doesn't make you feel like you want to continue, escpecially when combined with the rest of the game. And finally, the game need to make you feel something. The ending has no impact, and the lack of sound really doesn't help. I'm excited to see how this game grows over time, this has potential.

While I do acknowledge that this a demo, and thus isn't completely finished, there were quite a few glitches, both visually and gameplay-wise that made playing this difficult. For instance, the card that shows up on screen when the battle begins didn't dissappear. It just stayed on my screen, blocking some parts of the game. Also, the collision detection felt weird, I couldn't walk quite right when there was a doorway or something else. Also, this is a bit of a small thing, but the animations for the enemies being hurt felt a little lazy, as the sprite just moved back and forth.

Again, I understand that this a work in progress, and this shows a lot of potential, but these are just a few things that I noticed. I'm still excited to see this game grow and change.

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This jam is meant for people of all skill levels, to just have fun in these times of just sitting at home.

The jam is centered around superheroes, and is judged by me and a couple of my friends! Please join, we'd love to see what you've got!

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Really fun game, I love to randomly pick up this game and play a few games. Although, I found a glitch. if you play normally, but then bring up the menu using x, if you press z, it produces an error, and then it forces you to close.

Great game! Unfortunately, the part where you are sneaking past to guards in the hallway. a tiger instantly kills you and lasers start firing at you, and then weird noises were head before I stepped on to the elevator. Not sure if it was a glitch... ?