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Hey there, 

I write game reviews and you're my next victim, if you don't mind. Don't worry, I genuinely enjoyed your game. I'll send you a pre-release copy if you like. :)

Hey there, mate!

I loved the game so much I decided to write a review on it on my blog, so you can hope for more attention fo your work! It will be going live at 12:00 AEST, like ~15 minutes from this comment. Thank you for your amazing work

Spoiler Review - Nonsense at Nightfall

Hey, I couldn't find an email but have contacted you via Twitter.  

I apologise for the lack of naviability of my site. It's going through an overhaul.

Hey mate, I loved your game so much I'm spreading the word. I've posted a favourable review and shared it to all my social media. Feel free to have a read and spread the love at